Exclusible Sells Out Private Islands to Celebrities and Stars for $2.9 million

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Stars have bought into the designer’s luxury vision within The Sandbox metaverse

Exclusible designs and builds luxury virtual villas in The Sandbox for the rich and famous. We take a look at who owns property there and how The Sandbox has found itself another well-suited partnership. 

Exclusible has announced that all 25 of its private islands have sold out for a combined total of $2.9 million (910 ETH). Sales were limited to people with at least 1 million social media followers and the new arrivals will get to enjoy such digital extravagances as: 

  • Helipads
  • Private harbors
  • High-end furniture
  • Customizable interiors and exteriors

With a floor price of 9 ETH on OpenSea and a host of famous names populating their virtual villas, Exclusible can lay claim to being one of the premier luxury NFT brands. Located across 25 islands, the ‘community can enjoy and relax experiencing gamified luxury in the metaverse space’.

Don’t ask why someone needs a car in the metaverse

A select list of sports stars, media personalities and even a financial company have bought their own slice of luxury on Exclusible’s islands. Here are some of the names to look out for if you ever get the chance to visit:  

  • Stan Wawrinka: Swiss tennis player
  • Kingsley Coman: Bayern Munich soccer player
  • Sara Sampaio: Victoria’s Secret model
  • Marco Veratti: Paris Saint Germain soccer player
  • Ana Ivanovic: former World No.1 tennis player
  • eToro: an Israeli social trading and brokerage company
  • Dan Holzmann: serial entrepreneur and soccer club owner

Big name partnerships look like a good strategy for The Sandbox

As noted last week, The Sandbox has been steadily partnering with a strong stable of content providers and famous names in an effort to attract an audience to its platform. Whether or not this will be a successful long-term strategy remains to be seen. But with trading volumes steadily increasing over the past 90 days, a turn in the current bearish blockchain markets could lead to big gains for The Sandbox investors.

90 Day volume and price of LAND

Taking a look at a shorter timescale, the latest 7 day average LAND price of 4.3132 ETH is above the 90 day average. And if we take a look at user numbers and transactions from that period, we also see steady increases that give hope for the future.

7 Day user and transaction numbers have gone up

Finally, The Sandbox continues to plug its partnerships with the world’s most lovable one-man brand: Snoop Dogg. The Doggies are the latest in a range of Snoop Dogg-themed avatars that The Sandbox has promoted since the rapper joined the platform.

There’s been no news yet on whether or not Snoop will be getting an Exclusible villa. But don’t be surprised if you see him laid back near a virtual pool, chilling out on one of The Sandbox’s most exclusive private islands. 

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