EverdreamSoft Bringing NFT Collection to Multiple Blockchains

everdreamsoft one nft collection multichain

Crystal Collection will become multichain by the end of May

Development studio EverdreamSoft is bringing the Crystal Collection NFT series to multiple blockchains. By the end of the month they will auction an NFT on the Bitcoin Counterparty Protocol, aside from the NFTs that already exist on Ethereum.

At the core of EverdreamSoft’s multi-chain efforts, is their EverdreamSoft Crystal Suite. This is a solution that makes software compatible with a variety of blockchain services. Ethereum and Bitcoin Counterparty are the first blockchains, followed by Klaytn, while the developers are thinking about adding Kusama. 

The mobile puzzle game Spells of Genesis is one of the first products that uses multiple blockchains through Crystal Suite. The NFT cards for the mobile game exist on Ethereum, Bitcoin Counterparty and Klaytn. In addition there’s the Casa Tookan wallet, which is part of the Crystal Suite. However, this wallet doesn’t support Klaytn just yet. 

Ultimately, what will happen is that it doesn’t matter where users store their NFTs or tokens. One dapp will be able to tap into different blockchain ecosystems to gain access to user-owned assets. EverdreamSoft is building a multichain NFT ecosystem.

Historical NFTs auctioned

Currently EverdreamSoft is selling NFTs as part of their Crystal Collection. This NFT collection takes artwork originally used in Spells of Genesis, and reuses them as separate artworks. These digital collectibles represent historical moments in blockchain history, ranging from the hack of the Mt Gox crypto exchange, the hack of The DAO and the genesis block of the Bitcoin blockchain. 

This week they are auctioning ‘The Genesis Block’. The genesis block is the first block of the Bitcoin blockchain, and because Bitcoin was the first blockchain, it also is the first ever block. 

In addition EverdreamSoft will release The Colossus of DAO NFT in the upcoming weeks. This artwork references The DAO, a crowdfunded decentralized autonomous organization that got $150 million in ETH through an ICO. The DAO got hacked, this triggered a fork, which is why there’s now both Ethereum Classic and Ethereum.

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