Euler Beats Impresses As Beeple’s NFT Artwork Sold for $6.6 Million

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Top 10 NFT Sales – Feb 22-28

The last week of February has seen the biggest NFT sale in history as someone acquired Beeple’s Crossroad artwork for $6.6 million. In addition, generative art made a big impact as Art Blocks sold out very fast, while Euler Beats recorded sales of 100 ETH and above. As always CryptoPunks has a strong presence in this week’s Top 10 NFT sales. 

Beeple is currently making headlines with the auction of a digital artwork through Christie’s, a premier auction house with 255 years of history. In addition, his latest effort to sell his works for 1 dollar, caused the MakerPlace marketplace to crash under the amount of traffic the sale gained. 

Crossroad is an artwork he created based on the latest elections in the United States and based on the results of the elections it switched into a new state. This artwork originally sold for $66.666, and now changed hands for $6.6 million. To also earn a piece of Beeple’s art, why not join the DappRadar B20 airdrop?

Euler Beats master prints

With two transactions Euler Beats, a new generative music artwork, stands out in this week’s Top 10 NFT sales. Two master prints, number 1 and number 6, switched owners for $487.551 and $357.537 respectively. 

Furthermore the auction of a 24×24 estate inside The Sandbox sold for $281.749, making it the main attraction in their latest land sale. Last week they sold virtual land with a total value of more than $1 million.

Flipping CryptoPunks

Two entries in our top 10 NFT sales stand out. Not because of their value, but because one item sold twice. First CryptoPunks punk 1119 sold for 200 ETH, only to be resold for 300 ETH a few days later. Both sales ended up among the top ten most valuable transactions in the NFT space from last week, February 22nd to 28th 2021.

  1. Beeple’s Crossroad / Nifty Gateway – $6.6 Million – (owner
  2. CryptoPunks – punk 2140 – $773.554 / 400 ETH – (owner)
  3. Euler Beats – Genesis LP 01 – $487.551 / 300 ETH – (owner)
  4. CryptoPunks -punk 1119 – $447.439 / 300 ETH – (owner
  5. Euler Beats – Genesis LP 06 – $357.537 / 220 ETH – (owner)
  6. CryptoPunks – punk 1119 – $312.609 / 200 ETH (see #4)
  7. The Sandbox – 24×24 Estate – $281.749 / 1.22 million SAND – (owner
  8. Hashmasks – mask 6346 – $223.720 / 150 WETH – (owner)
  9. NBA Top Shot – 2019/20 Cosmic LeBron James #29  – $208.000
  10. CryptoPunks – punk 9749 – $189.521 / 98 ETH – (owner)

Honorable mentions: RarePepe and Sorare

Before the introduction of the Ethereum ERC-721 protocol, there already were NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. A system called Bitcoin CounterParty allowed users to trade digital assets with visual elements, and RarePepe was one of the first digital collectibles. Now a RarePepe called Homerpepe has a new owner, and according to the seller the buyer paid 205 ETH, or $293.000, for the digital collectible. 

At the same time, interesting things are happening at Sorare. The fantasy football collectible cards are generating quite a lot of revenue. Yesterday one out of 10 super rare cards of Paris Saint Germain forward Kylian Mbappe auctioned for 58.5 ETH or more than 85 thousand dollars. On top of that a rare card, with a maximum of 100 copies, switched owners on the secondary marketplace for 49.99 ETH, or $74.558.

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