ETHER NFTs: All About the Anime Collection

ETHER NFT Collection Complete Guide

The new anime-themed NFT collection is finally dropping. Is this the beginning of Azuki’s downfall?

The somewhat mysterious anime NFT collection ETHER Avatars emerged in the ​​dynamic realm of Web3 entertainment brands in June 2023. Locking horns with competitors like Azuki in an exciting race, ETHER appeared as a market underdog with potential and received the community’s attention at the mint. However, since revealing the NFTs, the ETHER collection still has much to prove. Find out more about it in the article below.


What is ETHER?

ETHER is an ambitious and immersive NFT project that positions itself at the intersection of anime, innovation, and fashion. Designed on the Ethereum blockchain, ETHER introduces an expansive universe of 10,000 characters, all bearing distinct traits and rarities. Also, ETHER is not to be mistaken for Ethereum’s ether (ETH) crypto coin.

Ether NFT design revealed

The project endeavors to pioneer blockchain usage in luxury branding by producing high-quality clothing and collectibles, thus blending art, storytelling, and blockchain technology in an exciting new way.

Their team has been working on the project for the past year, and the NFT space has anticipated this collection drop – taking place the same week another famous anime NFT project launched a new collection. Thankfully for ETHER, the Azuki Elementals collection received quite some backlash.

The drop and the reveal

The public minting process began on 30 June, with each ETHER NFT character available for 0.65 ETH. A limited number of characters were reserved for the whitelist, with the majority (8,000) being open for public minting. Despite it being highly anticipated, at revel, on 12 July, the collection did not perform as the NFT space speculated.

At the time of writing, the Ether Avatar collection floor price stood at 0.135 ETH ($270). That’s 79.2% lower than the mint price. As for Azuki Elementals, the floor also decreased by 51.6% from the mint price and stood at 0.968 ETH ($1,936), while the original Azuki floor was 6.48 ETH ($12,965).

Who is behind the ETHER NFT team?

The name propelling ETHER forward is none other than VIII, a respected digital artist who has left a mark on the entertainment and gaming sectors. VIII’s resume boasts collaborations with prominent companies such as Sony, Nike, and Epic Games, as well as partnerships with high-profile public figures. VII’s journey into the Web3 realm has seen contributions to notable projects in the NFT space, including RTFKT, demonstrating a broad range and adaptability.

For VIII, ETHER is the culmination of a deep-rooted interest in clothing, storytelling, and collectibles, merged with a fascination for blockchain technology.

What makes ETHER special?

Unlike many other NFT collections, ETHER brings a distinctive touch to its anime aesthetic, with parallels drawn to projects such as Azuki, Valhalla, and JUUNI Zodia.

ETHER NFT is highly anticipated

Azuki vs ETHER

When it comes to comparisons in the NFT realm, Azuki and ETHER have been the subject of numerous discussions. Both projects bring a unique, anime-inspired aesthetic to the NFT world, yet the comparison ends there.

Azuki’s Elementals project faced challenges that left some collectors underwhelmed. However, ETHER is poised to set a new benchmark in the realm of anime NFTs. With VIII’s commitment to maintaining high-quality standards and executing an ambitious vision, ETHER’s reputation remains unscathed.

Moreover, ETHER stands out with its wide array of character traits, much more diverse than most NFT collections, which could potentially eclipse Azuki in the competition. Despite the stylistic similarities, ETHER’s attention to detail, innovative concept, and delivery have helped the project carve out its own unique identity in the industry. Only time will tell how this riveting rivalry unfolds.

ETHER NFT holders’ main benefits

Holders of ETHER NFTs not only own a piece of unique digital artwork but also participate in a rich narrative and potentially shape the ETHER universe’s future.

Particularly, the five unique 1-of-1 characters will play significant roles in the ETHER story, with their owners co-creating their attributes and looks with VIII. Additionally, these five owners receive a special figurine of their character, further bridging the gap between the digital and physical realms.

ETHER Avatars challenges

The ETHER Avatars NFT collection was met with a lot of excitement initially, but it didn’t play out as expected. For starters, the initial minting price was set way too high for very low demand. Even when they tried to lower the price, it didn’t help much. On top of all this, there was little communication from the team on social media. This left the NFT community unsure of the project’s legitimacy.

The big reveal of the designs came the same day the minting finally ended, on 12 July. 1655 avatars sold out, with the auction closing at a price of 0.3 eth. So, those who had bought their avatars for more than 0.3 eth were going to get their extra value back.

Despite all this, not everything was a total frustration. ETHER Avatars still caught the attention of some big names in the NFT world, like the influencer Pransky, who ended up with a hefty 100 avatars and seemed pretty happy with the art.

The future of the ETHER NFT Collection

Even though the project seems a bit like a wild rollercoaster ride, there’s still potential for the ETHER Avatars. Can they dust themselves off and build something great out of this chaos? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, in the high-stakes world of NFTs, anything is possible.

With the minting funds, ETHER plans to expand its team and execute an ambitious roadmap that promises high-quality results. The funds’ allocation ensures the project’s resilience against market fluctuations and allows the team to concentrate on building an engaging ETHER universe. 

ETHER NFT collection future roadmap

As such, ETHER NFT holders can look forward to an innovative and evolving collection that expands beyond the realms of digital collectibles.

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