Ertha is the Metaverse Worth Waiting For


The Ertha metaverse built on Binance Smart Chain offers NFTs, income and a compelling storyline

Ertha is the NFT game that generates lifetime revenue. Powered by the ERTHA token and hosted on Binance Smart Chain, Erthaverse players can build, fight for and ultimately save the earth. 

Visions of a dystopian future are nothing new. Take Neal Stephenson’s sci-fi novel Snow Crash, or Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, or even Black Mirror Netflix episodes by Charlie Brooker. They all envisage a future in which we try to escape a harsh reality. 

Now we have the Zuck’s Meta; another route to escape or divert from the human experience. But why do none of these offer a world in which we can make things better?

That’s the way the team at Ertha sees things. In their metaverse, participants improve on a dystopian world, not flee one. The ‘Erthaverse’ as it becomes known, is a real world-simulation MMO where we can do things differently–better, even. 

Ertha players buy land in the form of unique NFTs, then manage it as they would their own nation. Their efforts generate income in the form of ERTHA tokens. It’s a second chance at solving the world’s problems, as the better you are in the Erthaverse, the more ERTHA you make. And yep, you guessed it, the more tokens you earn, the more real-world money you take home. 

How on Ertha?

The Erthaverse is similar to the earth in 2021, but with one fundamental difference. Basically, society as we know it has completely broken down–even further than today, I mean. Prescient events such as climate change, fires, and floods have battered the Ertha planet. Consequently, Ertha’s population must compete for remaining resources.

By accruing scarce resources and skilling up, Ertha players can change the world for the better. Ultimately, you have the power to become a scholar, fighter or businessperson and to trade and hone your craft. Then, earn money, trade land, and scale your transactions for the betterment of Ertha-kind–as well as your bank balance. It’s a sweet deal made even sweeter by owning an Ertha HEX NFT.

Ertha HEX NFTs

350,000 land plots divide the Erthaverse which has an uncanny resemblance to the globe. Ownership of a land plot is an NFTs called a HEX. For each HEX you buy, you have complete control. From travel fees to taxes on the transactions happening in your territory, each HEX offers income-generating potential.

As you might imagine, demand for HEXs has been strong. Many sold through a limited private sale. HEXs in the USA, Spain, the Philippines, and Vietnam are off the table–why not see if your favorite location has sold here? HEX NFT sales had to be halted in certain regions to allow others to buy once the private sale ends.

NFT sales have been all the rage recently, some racking up million-dollar price tags. Ertha will ride the NFT wave as more and more people learn the value of earning digital real estate. 

The Ertha team will soon launch a marketplace opening HEX sales to the general public. That means you can get a slice of the Erthaverse. In addition, expect multiplayer battles, wars between lands, and blockchain integrations in the near future. Best bag a HEX NFT before the hype takes over.It’s simple: choose your HEX, skill up and forge your Ertha empire. If you’re interested in learning more about Ertha, why not learn about Unions and how landowners can play in role there. Or read more about the interest investors have in the Ertha ecosystem.

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