Eponym by Art AI Storms the Charts

Eponym by Art AI Storms the Charts

Text-to-Image generative art NFTs take over the crypto community

Eponym is an Ethereum-based generative art collection that only launched less than 24 hours ago. The project has already made it to the top of DappRadar Charts, currently ranking at 12th place. With 10.000 unique NFTs generated in collaboration with AI software, the collection stands out because of the underlying creative power the collector has. 

All collectors who managed to get an Eponym before they were all minted had to input a string of text, which the AI software interpreted to create the final image. The text-to-image AI software was launched by Art AI, one of the largest galleries for artificial-intelligence art. 

In the past 24 hours, Eponym attracted more than 3710 collectors and generated a trading volume of $2.78 million. While the 10.000 original NFTs were minted in a matter of minutes, secondary sales shot through the roof as art lovers became mesmerized with the results. 

What are Eponym NFTs?

Generative art is a big thing on the blockchain. Projects like Art Blocks attract millions in trading volume on a daily basis. However, even if a bit controversial as a thought, Eponym brings a human element to the generative process with the help of AI software. 

Traditionally, generative art relies solely on algorithms and programs to output images. With Eponym collectors had the creative push during mint. Anyone who wanted to mint an Eponym NFT had to input a string of text to trigger the AI software. The string of text could be anything ranging from a single word to a whole paragraph. 

Considering the vast field of opportunity with text-to-image generation, Eponym is among the most diverse NFT collections in terms of style. This is one of the main reasons why it quickly rose to the spotlight. Crypto Twitter was mesmerized by the wide variety of topics, techniques, interpretations, and results that came out of the Eponym AI generator. 

Let’s look at some Eponym NFTs

As mentioned, the introduction of a text-to-image generation opened up a whole new creative field for NFT enthusiasts. Of course, this creative freedom led to interesting artwork titles like “my girlfriend is a toad”. 

However, the underlying AI software was not phased by anything. Even this string of text looks like fine abstract art. 

Eponym quickly became one of the most diverse collections in terms of style. Triggered by the text-to-image generation, each piece carries a different vibe. For example, take a look at “tokyo nights,” which is a calm, scenic representation of the string. 

Other stings focused more on crypto and NFT culture. Yet even those carry the abstract art style to a new level. For example, “gas wars – the battle for minting” resulted in a gloomy, grey view. Carrying a striking resemblance to a battlefield.


The creative power Art AI brought forward for Eponym collectors is significant. With the chance to leave a personal touch and give the main direction for the generative software, NFT collectors went nuts. And this is completely understandable, Art AI has created a fine collection influenced by the collectors themselves. Considering this level of creative freedom and the novelty factor behind this generative art collection, it is no surprise Eponym is quickly climbing the charts. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring Eponym, and future Art AI projects, so stay tuned. If you want to buy an Eponym NFT, check out the links below.

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