EON: Horizen’s EVM-Compatible Sidechain Live on Gobi Testnet, $75K Bug Bounties Available

Horizen EON

Horizen EON brings EVM compatibility to the Horizen ecosystem and offers more opportunities for developers and web3 end users.

Horizen, a zero-knowledge enabled layer 0 blockchain platform, is launching Ethereum Open Network (EON) on its public Gobi testnet. As Horizen’s first public proof-of-stake, EVM-compatible smart contract sidechain, EON expands the platform’s capabilities, opening up its ecosystem to more opportunities for efficient development and usage of a wide range of dApps and services than ever before.

Ethereum has been driving the broad adoption of DeFi ecosystems and smart contracts. Meanwhile, Horizen has been developing its cross-chain protocol and horizontal scaling solution, Zendoo, enabling wider blockchain technology utilization with full customization at the protocol level. Coupling smart contracts with the custom blockchain nature of Zendoo, Horizen now offers a market-leading solution to drive the industry forward – a permissionless, interoperable, customizable sidechain network.


What is Horizen?

Horizen is a highly scalable blockchain system with a novel Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) that enables a fully decentralized sidechain ecosystem. As a blockchain-of-blockchains, Horizen’s core protocol acts as a “truth engine,” adjudicating heterogeneous consensus across the ecosystem based on predefined rules set by sidechain developers.

This censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer network is designed for modular functionality and evolutionary flexibility. Horizen’s architecture supports a wide range of consensus types and applications, allowing developers to create custom sidechains while leveraging public infrastructure for security and economies of scale. 

With the addition of EON, the first of many smart contract sidechains on Horizen, the blockchain is opening up its ecosystem to more opportunities for efficient development and usage of a wide range of dapps and services than ever before. Solidity developers will be able to deploy custom logic to the blockchain to enable continuous innovation without changing the protocol. 

Coupling smart contracts with the custom blockchain nature of Zendoo and an intra-ecosystem secure bridging protocol, Horizen now offers a competitive solution to drive the industry forward – a permissionless, interoperable, customizable sidechain network.

Horizen EON

EON connects Ethereum devs to Horizen’s dynamic ecosystem

With the launch of EON, Horizen is welcoming Ethereum developers to explore the platform’s vast potential. As the final testnet phase begins, Horizen aims to connect the existing Ethereum DeFi infrastructure with its own dynamic ecosystem. 

This integration presents an opportunity to gather valuable feedback from both long-time users and newcomers, which will help refine Horizen’s offerings and provide a seamless, user-friendly experience for all.

Gobi Testnet supports EON’s growth

The Gobi Testnet is backed by a suite of products, integrations, and tools that enhance the capabilities of EON developers. From day one, this network ensures a user-friendly experience for both developers and end users.

Horizen EON partners

These integrations include popular developer tools such as Thirdweb, Remix, Truffle, and Hardhat; the most popular web3 wallet, MetaMask; fully-featured open-source block explorer, Blockscout; cross-chain bridge protocol, Multichain; cross-chain data oracle platform, Band Protocol; blockchain data API, Covalent; and more! 

Horizen community developers have also been building on EON since the previous testnet stages. Furthermore, EON is expected to welcome a wealth of developer tools, dapps, and services in the coming months. 

Horizen Partners with Immunefi to Launch Gobi Bug Bounty Program

With the EON testnet launch, Horizen is partnering with Immunefi to enhance the platform’s security through a bug bounty program offering up to $75,000 in rewards for reporting vulnerabilities. 

The partnership focuses on optimizing smart contracts within the Horizen ecosystem, providing a seamless development process and user experience through a suite of tools and integrations on EON. In addition, the wider community is encouraged to contribute to the platform’s security by participating in the Gobi bug bounty program.

Horizen partners with Buidlbox to host hackathons 

Alongside the Gobi testnet launch, Horizen also partnered with the comprehensive hackathon platform, Buidlbox, to bring together web3 builder communities through a series of hackathons within the EON ecosystem. The first hackathon is expected to be launched around mid year with over $350,000 in prizes. 

Build on Gobi now

Join the first wave of builders and integrators to build on Gobi to give your development a jumpstart for EON mainnet! You can find guides on EON documentation. Join the #eon developer community on Horizen’s Discord for support and discussion with other developers.

Learn more about Horizen’s EON

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