ENS Domain Names Shine and Galz Make a Mark

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Check out the NFT Sales Highlights ranking between June 26th and July 3rd.

Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunk NFT sales dominated the top ten sales by value last week as bargain hunters continue to cash in on falling ETH values. As always, DappRadar wants to bring you the most exciting happenings in the world of NFT sales rather than only the most expensive. 

CryptoPunk #7971 was the highest NFT sale in the last seven days for 398.95 ETH, or $440,337. However, close behind that was a triple-digit Ethereum Name Service domain, 000.eth, which sold for 300 ETH or around $331,122. The first five pages of top NFT sales in the previous week reveal many triple-digit ENS name sales. Including porno.eth for just over $200,000.  

Other notable sales include Autoglyphs#132 for almost $215,000, Moonbird#6949 for nearly $160,000, and a land plot in the BAYC Otherside metaverse for 130 ETH, or around $143,000. Alongside these, we see two notable sales from the Galz collection, where Galz#3749 and #3548 sold for 150 ETH and 120 ETH, respectively. 

Check out the complete list of NFT Sales Highlights below:

  1. 000.eth – $322,587 / 300 ETH – Buyers wallet
  2. Noun 25 – $$221,148 / 200 ETH – Buyers wallet 
  3. Autoglyphs #132 – $214,840.28 / 199.79 ETH – Buyers wallet
  4. Porno.eth – $200,192 / 184 ETH – Buyers wallet 
  5. Galz 🦾💓⚡ #3749 – $166,095 / 150 ETH – Buyers wallet
  6. Moonbird #6949 – $159,443.02 / 144.03 ETH – Buyers wallet 
  7. Otherdeed for Otherside #95175 – $143,880.89 / 130 ETH – Buyers wallet
  8. Galz 🦾💓⚡ #3548 –  $132,786 / 120 ETH – Buyers wallet 
  9. Fidenza #992 – $96,782.41 /  90 ETH – Buyers wallet
  10. PROOF Collective – $80,692.5 / 75 ETH – Buyers wallet

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Triple-digit ENS names 

Another trend we see over the previous week is several high-value sales of ENS domain names. An Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain is like a DNS domain and offers holders a decentralized and secure way to translate text and digits into an easily remembered Ethereum address. I.e., no more long wallet addresses. Just provide your ENS domain. Moreover, certain collections, like the domain names with 3 digits have become desirable NFT collections in their own right

ENS Domain

“Fallen off a cliff” or cooling down 

Recently, the media indicated that NFT sales have ‘fallen off a cliff.” Of course, headlines can be deceiving in the battle for clicks, and nuance is essential when it comes to crunching data.  It’s vital to understand that NFTs have just undergone their most exciting phase. As such, any comparisons of data from a period of hype through to today’s bear market scenario will indicate a negative trend.  

However, in a recent DappRadar review of the top tier, or blue-chip NFT collections, we observed that they outperformed ETH in terms of real value. The BAYC collection value has just shrunk 1.5% from the end of May, while the price of ETH has decreased 47.44% in the same timespan. If we look at Mutant Apes (-1.7%), CryptoPunks (+40.5%), Doodles (+5.2%), or even Clone-X, which decreased by 11.5%, it is fair to say that this segment of established NFT projects behaves as safer assets than ETH itself. 

Popular NFT collections can provide a hedge against fluctuating token prices. Therefore it’s essential to stay up-to-date with upcoming NFT collections and the value of existing ones. Using the NFT Explorer can give you insight into the price of hundreds of NFT collections on the market. Go to your own DappRadar Portfolio Hub, connect your wallet, and get started.

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