Enjin Bringing NFT Awards to Decentraland

NFT Awards Enjin

Nominations open for projects in the NFT community

Enjin has opened the nominations for the second annual NFT Awards. Nominations and community voting are now open on nftawards.org until November 26th. This second edition of the NFT Awards will bring the event into the metaverse as it will take place in the virtual world of Decentraland. 

Nominees for the NFT Awards are determined by the community through submissions and votes. After that the top ten public votes in the 10 award categories will end up in front of an expert judging panel.

Community members can vote and submit their favorites for the following 10 award categories: Best Avatar, Best Collaboration, Game of the Year, Best Digital Fashion, VR or AR, Best Virtual World, Newcomer Game, Most Innovative Art and Project of the Year. 

The confirmed list of judges includes:

  • 3LAU, Musician / CEO & Co-founder of Royal.
  • Micah Johnson, Creator of Aku / Artist and 2020 NFT of the Year winner.
  • Holly Wood, Head of Creator Relationships at Rarible.
  • Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer at VentureBeat’s GamesBeat.
  • Marco Marchesi, CTO of The Fabricant.
  • Witek Radomski, Co-founder & CTO at Enjin.
  • Frank Downing and Nicholas Grous, Analysts at ARK Invest.
  • Ashley Higgins, CEO of Product Hunt.
  • Enjin will introduce additional judges at a later date

Visit nftawards.org to nominate or vote on your favorite projects. The NFT Awards will take place at a virtual event inside Decentraland in January 2022.

NFTs come in all shapes, sizes and colors

The NFT Awards aren’t only about digital artworks, because an NFT can be much more than that. An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a digital contract that determines the holder of that token to be the owner of something digital. What is this digital object? It can be anything! 

An NFT can indeed be an artwork, but also a deed for virtual land, an avatar, game item, or a contract that details the holder’s position in a liquidity pool. It can be an invoice or a diploma, owners can redeem these NFTs for physical sneakers, or it gives them ownership over music or digital collectibles. 

CryptoPunks are often seen as (one of) the first NFTs, but these didn’t use the ERC-721 token standard yet. Most non-fungible tokens are now ERC-721 tokens or an alternative version of it. These ERC-721 tokens were first introduced by the end of 2017 by Dapper Labs and their CryptoKitties project. Nowadays every blockchain uses NFTs, from Flow and Wax to Solana, and from Ethereum to Near Protocol and Binance Smart Chain. 

Now the community will determine which NFT projects have made an impact this year through their votes on nftawards.org. They can vote for an artwork on the Tezos blockchain, an avatar NFT on Ethereum or perhaps a GameFi NFT on Binance Smart Chain. 

Do you want to vote on one of your own NFTs? Check out your NFT portfolio through the DappRadar Portfolio. See their value, examine their transaction history, or simply look at them in awe. Connect your wallet and find your NFT portfolio here on DappRadar!

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