Emblem Vaults Take the Spotlight with RarePepe Sales

Emblem Vaults Take the Spotlight with RarePepe Sales

RarePepe, EtherPepe, and a Spells of Genesis SatoshiCard switched owners in the past 24 hours

Emblem Vaults is an innovative approach to NFT collecting that allows users to bundle up NFTs in a single token. They have made a splash in the past 24 hours. Several NFT items from the vaults, including RarePepe, EtherPepe, and a Spells of Genesis SatoshiCard, switched owners for exorbitant amounts, upwards of 90 ETH. 

Emblem Vaults, a project launched in September 2020 by Emblem Finance, has gained traction in recent weeks as the NFT mania continues. More collectors are seeking out OG NFTs, or in other words, some of the first NFT releases ever. Emblem Vaults is a great source for finding OG NFTs, as many vaults contain early-development NFTs like RarePepe. 

Collectors are hyping up on creating Emblem Vaults, as this allows them to potentially bundle up their whole portfolio into a single token. Emblem Vaults are essentially multi-asset wallets, which allow users to group different types of tokens, both traditional crypto and NFTs, and move them around or trade them as a bundle represented by a single token. 

Which Emblem Vaults NFTs switched owners?


RarePepe is among the most notorious NFTs out there, as it depicts the creator of the Bitcoin blockchain in Pepe form. The NFT switched owners for 130 ETH, which at the time of the sale was worth upwards of $430,000. 

According to the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, the wallet that purchased RarePepe also has several other Emblem Vault NFTs, including PepeRoss, and PhoenixPepe. Not to mention that the NFT value of the portfolio sits at around $1.67 million at the time of writing. 


Another Emblem Vaults classic, part of the Pepe series, is EtherPepe. Depicting Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin with a Pepe head, the NFT is definitely a sought-after collectible for many NFT enthusiasts. EtherPepe switched owners for 100 WETH or about $330,000 at the time of the sale. 

The new owner of EtherPepe has an impressive NFT collection. With upwards of $1.7 million worth of NFTs in his wallet, this collector has also invested in collections like CryptoPunks, Art Blocks, and Meebits. Interestingly, the wallet also holds an abundance of MoonCats NFTs, another early NFT project, which has recently made a return. 

Spells of Genesis SatoshiCard

Last but not least, in the past 24 hours, a Spells of Genesis Emblem Vault was opened, and a SatoshiCard NFT found a new owner. The SatoshiCard represents the mysterious figure behind the creation of the Bitcoin blockchain. Unlike RarePepe, however, this NFT keeps up the mysterious vibe and does not give a face to the figure in its design. 

The new owner of the SatoshiCard NFT is also an avid Pepe NFT fan. According to the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, mrpopo.eth has more than 153 NFTs, worth over $730,000 at the time of writing. Out of their whole portfolio, 29 are part of the Pepe collection. 

Emblem Vaults

Emblem Vaults are a great way for collectors like mrpopo.eth to find rare, old-school NFTs. With useful tools like the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, you can easily track when these rare NFTs sell and who their new owners are. If you’d like to check out your own portfolio, simply visit the Portfolio Tracker, and connect your wallet. There you’ll be able to see all of your NFTs, your DeFi investments, and you’ll be able to quickly swap between tokens with the handy Token Swap service. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space as more Emblem Vaults surface on the market, so stay tuned. 

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