Elysium Joined Hands with Fantasy Giant Committing to Green NFTs

Elysium makes the Vulcan Forged ecosystem environmentally friendly

To offer green NFTs to users, Artefy recently partnered with Elysium blockchain for its carbon-neutral solution. The new blockchain solution is not only environmentally friendly but also comes with a friendly user experience. Using Elysium will be fast and cheap, which sounds perfect for those looking to get into Artefy.

Blockchains based on the proof-of-work consensus, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have brought up controversy due to their enormous energy consumption. According to an article by CNBC, Bitcoin has a carbon footprint comparable to that of New Zealand, producing 36.95 megatons of CO2 annually. As a result, the sustainability of blockchain technology and that of the environment are inextricably linked. In this regard, technical teams have invested in developing green blockchains to deal with the above problems. Commonly adopted solutions include using proof-of-stake (POS) as the consensus mechanism and taking further steps to offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Metaverse gaming platform Vulcan Forged launched Elysium blockchain and dedicated it as “the blockchain for Metaverses”. Elysium’s green nature has won the favor of many highly-engaged projects. One of them is the revolutionary fantasy digital art platform, Everscapes marketplace by Artefy.   

What is Everscapes by Artefy

The fantasy, sci-fi and horror NFT brand EverScapes initially launched its services on the Polygon blockchain, but will now move to Elysium. They do this together with NFT marketplace platform Artefy. 

This curated platform enjoys highly-engaged, precisely-targeted art fans and collectors. There are many big-name artists within the Everscapes portfolio, including The Brothers Hildebrandt, the creators for the original Star Wars movie poster, and Juan Giménez, who worked for Marvel and DC. In addition, famous artists such as San Juian, Anna Podedworna, Frank Frazetta,  Richard Hescox, and more are on the list. Moreover, the legendary Heavy Metal Magazine also joined in partnership with Everscapes, bringing its classic covers and characters to life with the issuance of the NFTs.

Powered by Artefy, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror are the three themes the Everscapes brand focuses on. With many high-profile projects in the pipeline, users can discover, collect and share well-known IPs within these product segments. Most importantly, Artefy adheres to the effort of “green NFTs”. The NFT platform will conduct an extensive research and exploration process to review all options when evaluating blockchain partners. It is to ensure that the team’s decision should have a positive impact on the issue of NFTs – energy usage. 

Artefy harnessed cutting-edge technologies to provide a reliable platform and a fantastic world with an immersive art experience. The approach Artefy took has established itself as a unique digital art platform with a loyal fan base.

Green NFTs with Elysium

The partnership between Elysium and Artefy is not surprising. Elysium is a proof-of-stake blockchain that doesn’t require extensive amounts of electricity and is therefore carbon neutral and thus eco-friendly. Gaming has always been one of the blockchain sectors with the most active users. As a blockchain gaming platform, it is essential for Vulcan Forged to address the energy issue at the very beginning. Therefore Vulcan Forged launched its own blockchain ecosystem, Elysium. 

Apart from using proof-of-stake, Elysium will offset the CO2 emission by using “tokenized trees”. How to make this possible? Elysium will use the gas fee from transactions on the blockchain to plant trees. The initial target is to cover nearly 70,000 acres of land. Furthermore, Elysium will guarantee that NFT minting, transactions, staking, and other operations on the chain are all carbon-neutral. 

The arts community is one of the most active voices for green energy. Therefore, the cooperation between Elysium and Artefy seems to be a natural fit. It is also worth mentioning that, with the gaming foundation of Elysium and the artistic elements from Artefy, we have reason to believe that the two teams may spark other excitements in the future.

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