Edward Snowden More Valuable Than Paris Hilton in NFT Top 10

Top 10 NFT Sales 12-18 april

$5 million for charity NFT for press freedom

The most valuable NFT sold last week was sold on Foundation by Edward Snowden for $5 million to PleasrDAO. The proceeds from the auction go to the Freedom of Press Foundation. It’s a strong contrast with Paris Hilton’s Iconic Crypto Queen, which took second place with a $1,11 million sale. 

Snowden combined all pages from the court case which ruled that the NSA violated the law into an NFT. It was a case with historical significance and one that’s still very relevant today. The new owner of the NFT is a group called pleasrDAO, which acquired another charity NFT by digital artist pplpleasr last month.

In second place we find Paris Hilton and her collaboration with Blake Kathryn. They sold their combined artwork Iconic Crypto Queen for $1,11 million on Nifty Gateway. Three other artworks by the duo raked in another $308,870. 

At an impressive third place is the Pepe the Frog NFT Genesis, which is an official NFT of the first time Pepe the Frog was shown in a comic. This was before he became part of internet culture. That the comic book page sold for 420 ETH, which was $1,02 million at the time of the auction, makes it extra symbolic.

Top 10 NFT Sales – April 12-18

  1. Stay Free – Edward Snowden – $5 million / 2,224 ETH – owner
  2. Iconic Crypto Queen – Paris Hilton – $1,11 million 
  3. Pepe the Frog NFT Genesis – $1.02 million / 420 ETH – owner
  4. CryptoPunks – punk 2306 – $981,340 / 461 ETH – owner
  5. CryptoPunks – punk 2964 – $647,510 / 305 ETH – owner
  6. SuperRare – Money Factory – $499,860 / 200 ETH – owner
  7. Autoglyphs – glyph 313 – $467,890 / 193 ETH – owner
  8. SuperRare – Money Laundering XCOPY – $436,370 / 180 ETH – owner
  9. Foundation – Deep Blue – $345,560 / 140 ETH – owner
  10. Autoglyphs – glyph 430 – $317,100 / 130 ETH – owner

Other remarkable sales 

  • Decentraland – an estate inside the virtual world of Decentraland sold for 210,000 MANA, which was $268,800 at the time of the sale. (owner)
  • The Sandbox – during their land sale last week The Sandbox auctioned several huge estates, and the most expensive one sold for 357,360 SAND, which was $241,850 at that time. (owner). Other estates auctioned for $235,030 and $230,100.

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