Unpack Mystery Boxes and Win Rewards with EARN’M

EARNM earn loyalty program mystery boxes guide

A loyalty program powered by Polygon and aimed at a mainstream audience

With the rise of Web3, dapps and blockchain technology earning rewards through loyalty programs becomes even more interesting, and EARN’M is leading that revolution. Claim mystery boxes with rewards, all accessible straight from your phone. 

Gone are the days of collecting stamps or stickers for discounts, and even membership passes are a bit old fashioned. The loyalty program of the future allows users to claim rewards verifiably fair through blockchain applications, while also giving the user true ownership over the collected rewards.

EARN’M is a Web3-powered loyalty platform that incentivizes user engagement, and monetizes user activity. The platform puts focus on creating more revenue streams for businesses, while users can claim Mystery Boxes that contain EARNM tokens or other rewards. 

In short: get keys, receive mystery boxes, and open boxes to earn rewards! 

Please continue reading to learn more, and to claim your first rewards.

5 Characteristics of EARM token

  • There’s a max supply of 5 billion EARN tokens
  • A part of the early claimed EARNM gets burned, making the token deflationary.
  • You get EARN by paying $3 to open a Mystery Box
  • You can use EARN to join in giveaways, governance, staking and upgrading NFTs

Let’s dive into the EARN’M loyalty program and its app.

Explaining the EARN’M loyalty program

EARN’M is a loyalty app that rewards users for various activities, while allowing partners to distribute rewards. The EARN’M platform is accessible through a Mode Mobile phone, the EARN’M app and even for example Discord.

At the core lies the ability to win and claim mystery boxes. These boxes come in different rarities, and the amount of EARNM rewards depends on that rarity. However, to redeem a box you need to pay $3. 

EARN’M gives partners a grant to distribute rewards to their users. Users then claim (or not) the mystery box codes and unpack their boxes by paying $3. That money then goes back to the partners, while the EARN’M organization uses it to buy back tokens from the open market.

How does the flywheel for loyalty rewards with EARN'M work?

What’s inside the EARN’M Mystery Box?

In each Mystery Box you can find a certain amount of EARNM tokens, with the biggest reward being 500,000 EARNM tokens. How much EARNM you receive depends on the rarity of the box. A common box earns you 2.5 EARNM, while a legendary box can get you 500,000 EARNM.

What’s interesting is that every redemption of EARNM tokens requires the user to pay $3. Therefore this means that the distribution is backed by revenue. These boxes come with built-in vesting and distribution systems, ensuring that users don’t dump their tokens onto the market. Yet, if they do, the wider ecosystem benefits through burning mechanics and reward distributions to ecosystem participants. 

Vesting to receive more rewards

Users will have an opportunity to claim their rewards immediately, but they will only get 10%. However, if they decide to wait six months, they get 50%. But those who wait 12 months will receive 100% of their EARNM rewards. Through this built-in vesting program, the team ensures better engagement and disincentives dumping of the rewards.

The mystery box vesting schedule for EARNM tokens on the EARN'M loyalty program platform.

What’s interesting is that users who immediately claim their rewards early, also distribute tokens to the wider ecosystem like Genesis NFT holders and those who stake EARNM. Moreover, a serious chunk of the reward gets burned. 

Unrevealed Mystery Boxes

Many partner projects will be able to distribute Mystery Boxes, and this means that many types of users will have an opportunity to engage with EARN’M. However, not everybody will open their boxes. Mystery Boxes that have not been revealed within 60 days after being issued, will then be forfeited and distributed to the community. This means that even unengaged Web2 users benefit the ecosystem. 

Claim your first rewards

Participating in EARN’M is super easy. This process either requires the Mode Earn app, or you simply use MetaMask with some MATIC to pay for gas fees on the Polygon blockchain. 

Just follow the 3 easy steps below:

  1. Generate your own redemption codes through DappRadar, 100 keys per user.
  2. Copy one of the codes
  3. And the use it to redeem a mystery box inside the EARN’M dapp 

So, you get a code, redeem the mystery boxes, and then you find out what’s inside. Maybe you won 500,000 EARNM, who knows? But you may also win other rewards, like an NFT. 

Why not give it a try? 

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