What is DTube, a Decentralized Video Platform with DTC Rewards

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Online video for the crypto generation

DTube is a decentralized video platform that allows content creators to earn DTC rewards immediately after uploading a video. Anybody can earn, participate and upload video content to the decentralized video platform DTube.  

Research from Statista shows that users spent approximately 23.1 hours per month on YouTube. Online videos have created superstars, have allowed artists to get closer to their audience, and have generated an industry worth more than $6.5 billion. According to Precision Business Insight this online video market has an expected growth of 18.9% over the forecast period by 2028. In short: it’s big. Very big. 

No wonder that the dapp industry tries to get a piece of the pie. Gatekeepers like Google, Twitch and Meta squeeze as much profit from content creators as possible, and it’s up to innovative and rising technologies in Web3 to challenge the status quo. That’s where Dtube comes into play. 

What is DTube? 

DTube is a decentralized video platform built on both the Steem and Hive blockchain. The video platform transitioned into a community governed decentralized autonomous organization back in June 2022. Anybody can create an account, upload videos and earn DTube Coins, or simply DTC. 

DTube aims to reinvent how information and revenue is shared in the video industry. The platform doesn’t want to censor all kinds of content, and sees itself as a fair platform for all content creators across the world. Moreover, there’s no secret algorithm that controls visibility or monetization of content. The community decides the rankings, and all data is publicly accessible.

How does DTube work?

Even though DTube works on both Steem and Hive, it’s actually running on its own blockchain ecosystem called Avalon. Within this framework there are no transaction fees, no upfront deposits and so on. Users on Steem and Hive can simply log in using their credentials, without the need to switch to Avalon. 

To store video files, DTube relies on decentralized file storage services. The video platform supports IPFS, Skynet and BitTorrent. 

What videos can I find on DTube?

DTube is an open-source platform that supports freedom of speech, but NSFW content still needs to be locked by a gate. Content uploaders need to flag their video with the hashtag #nsfw, and uploaders will be penalized if the community needs to flag a video. 

Generally, you can find all kinds of content on DTube. Yet, the most common themes are cryptocurrency, blockchain, gaming, but also vlogging and music. 

Why do you need DTube Coin or DTC?

DTC offers various of benefits on the DTube video platform. Here’s a quick overview of the things you can do with DTube Coin; 

  1. Content creators can earn DTC by uploading content to DTube and generating views. 
  2. Holding DTC tokens generates Voting Power (VP), which users can use to tag or curate content. This in turn generates DTC earnings from curation rewards. 
  3. To promote a video, users will need to burn DTC. But this promotion can also lead to more rewards on the video itself. 

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