Dress to Impress: DKNY Genesis NFT Drop on Vulcan Forged Elysium

Dress to Impress: DKNY Genesis NFT Drop on Vulcan Forged Elysium
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A total of 100 ICON Hoodie NFTs

Fashion and lifestyle brand DKNY teamed up with the HUSL and Vulcan Forged for its first foray into the NFT world. The two have joined forces to create the DNKY ICON Hoodie NFT collection on Vulcan Forged eco-friendly Elysium blockchain. Here’s what you should know about it.


  • HUSLVerse users will soon be able to dress up their avatars with DKNY ICON Hoodie NFTs. Only 100 items will be released.
  • The first wave of the ICON Hoodies will start on June 16th. 
  • The HUSL along with Elysium and the Vulcan Forged ecosystem have the ambition to bring in more fashion brands.

According to Morgan Stanley, luxury-branded NFTs could reach $56 billion in market value by 2030. Espeacially, as the metaverse redefines people’s digital life. Younger generations, especially Gen Z and Millenials, are at the forefront of exploring the metaverse and building their Web3 identities in this immersive virtual space. 

This inevitably brings out the fact that they spend substantial amounts on their NFT avatars. And on top of that, younger people highly value uniqueness when it comes to online representation. Research revealed that 92% of the younger people think customization is important when creating virtual avatars. 

Since fashion has long been a form of self-expression, it is confident to believe that fashion in the metaverse will provide an essential element for users to present their style, communicate emotions and establish identity. 

Brands are now actively partnering with metaverse platforms to provide stylish digital wearables. Excitingly, the fashion-heavy streetwear DKNY is venturing into the HUSLVerse, defining what high-end street fashion should be in the metaverse. HUSL is a global entertainment marketplace powered by Elysium, the premier destination for some of the biggest brands in music, sports, entertainment, and fashion. 

DKNY is so much more than just a fashion status

Founded in 1989, DKNY was the synonym for streetwear in ’90s fashion. DKNY was the go-to brand for all the cool downtown kids with oversized sweatshirts, hoodies, and long sporty skirts. 

Elaborating its fashion philosophy into the metaverse, a limited number of DKNY ICON Hoodie NFTs are dropping the HUSLVerse. The collection consists of 1 unique NFT that will sell 100 hoodies in total.

DKNY’s iconic NFT hoodie is not just a fashion trophy that users can brag about. Instead, it opens the door to future opportunities for partnerships and collaborations, more NFT drops, live events, fashion and design education, scholarships, and land sale and game sale promotions. Just like what NFT is meant to be – ownership. 

Save the date

The DKNY ICON Hoodies release will happen after VulCon2, the biggest Vulcan Forged meet-up in Athens. The official sale will be on June 16th, 2022, including 100 pieces of DKNY ICON Hoodies, featuring the lavish Rose Gold one, each priced at $250.  

Follow Vulcan Forged on Twitter and Discord to stay tuned for the important dates and times regarding the DKNY ICON Hoodie drop.

Partnering with Elysium, ICON Hoodie is not only DKNY’s experiment dabbling in the metaverse, but more importantly, it shows DKNY’s attitude toward the future of the fashion and design world. 

In the sphere of NFTs, Elysium is well versed in delivering the ultimate user experience. Notably, resonating with Elysium blockchain’s green nature, DKNY is joining many established brands already part of this thriving ecosystem. Moreover, the Vulcan Forged ecosystem will keep bringing in more big names, making sure your metaverse closets will be just as eye-catching as physical ones.  

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