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NFT sales
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Check out the NFT Sales Highlights ranking between September 11th and 18th, 2022

Every week DappRadar highlights not only the most expensive NFT sales but also the most interesting in the previous seven days. While big numbers are sure to capture headlines, it’s also essential to highlight emerging trends and keep the DappRadar community ahead.

The highest value NFT sale in the last seven days was for CryptoPunk #4713 for 240 ETH, or approximately $412,000. The second spot belongs to Otherdeed #90295, a piece of land in the upcoming Otherside metaverse that sold for 190 ETH, or just over $300,000. The third spot belongs to CryptoPunk #1587, which changed hands for 117.5 ETH or around $187,000. While these three sales stand out from a value perspective, countless other trends emerge.  

CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT sales dominate weekly top value sales rankings. However, other blue-chip outliers constantly change hands for substantial values, while other collections launch to colossal interest. 

As mentioned, the second highest value sale in the last week was for a piece of land in the forthcoming Otherside metaverse, which is a part of the BAYC ecosystem. Once on the seventh page of top NFT sales ranked by value, we start to see other collection sales emerge away from these ecosystems. 

Outside the top sales 

Within the top 100 NFT sales, we find CloneX #11964 that changed hands for 45 ETH, or around $77,000. The collaboration between design studio RTFKT, now owned by Nike, and Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami has grown in popularity as digital collectibles collide with real-world items. 

Still within the BAYC ecosystem but not typically commanding such a high-value sale is Mutant Ape Yacht Club #11364, which also sold for 45 ETH. Interestingly, the seller of this particular MAYC NFT had held on to it since minting it nine months ago, only to sell it for almost $78,000

Below these two sales, we see Moonbird #4089 sold for 48 ETH or around $72,000 at the time of purchase. Moonbirds is a collection of 10,000 NFTs made by the PROOF Collective, a group of tech and media industry veterans who built a grass-roots community from their podcast. 

Source: DappRadar NFT Rankings

Another trend that won’t disappear is the changing hands of three and four-letter or digit ENS domain names. Weekly, we report on record-breaking ENS sales within these collections, and the Ethereum merge only strengthened that trend. This week we see 714.eth has sold for 35 ETH, or almost $60,000, while tasi.eth sold for a whopping 50 ETH, or over $71,000. 

The only economic relevance to the four-letter word TASI known by this writer is Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul Index or TASI. Given the buyer’s wallet has just this NFT and a small amount of ETH inside, this may be an official purchase by the organization. 

Meanwhile, the number 714 holds relevance in the spiritual world as its believed to be an ‘Angel Number.’ Number 714 suggests that it’s a great time to put your intentions into play to be confident and optimistic and remain focused on the next steps in your future path. This is a very fitting NFT for somebody looking to speculate in a bear market! 

Doodles 2 hype 

A trend we see frequently is a surge in the sale of NFTs connected to a forthcoming collection gathering attention. A few weeks ago, we saw a lift in the number and value of sales of the Solana DeGods NFTs as the creator’s second collection, y00ts, was about to drop. The reason is that NFT holders already in an ecosystem can occasionally receive free NFT drops from a creator’s new collection or priority spaces on the waiting list.  

The hype train for Doodles 2 left the station in June 2022 when an announcement and accompanying video started to surface online. More recently, Doodles announced a $54 million investment round, led by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six, at a $704 million valuation despite current market conditions. 

It’s expected the investment will be used to build out additional utility for doodles NFT holders as the speculative phase for digital collectibles arguably ends and holders seek real utility and long-term value. Nonetheless, the investment announcement and impending Doodles 2 collection have excited NFT admirers, and trading is peaking

In the last 24 hours, the number of traders increased by more than 111%, while the average price rose by almost 15% to 9.3 ETH. Metrics are up across the board as traders zoom in on this lesser-known blue chip NFT collection. 

NFT sales
Source: NFT Explorer

The highest value Doodles sale in the previous seven days was for Doodle #4447, which sold for 37 ETH, or nearly $60,000. Behind that sale, we see Doodle #1684 sold for 15 ETH, or around $26,000, which is much closer to the average price we see above. In total, 285 Doodles NFTs changed hands last week. 

Doodles 2 will let anyone create uniquely personalized and customizable characters in the one-of-a-kind art style from artist Burnt Toast. Characters can have their appearances updated and saved to the blockchain with no transaction fees and will incorporate music from the most prominent artists that can be unlocked and utilized. 


Another collection of NFTs caught the eye, released by the team behind the wildly popular 9GAG website and the Memeland and Potatoz NFT projects. You The RealMVP NFTs are a private group of 420 legendary MVPs of Memeland. 

The NFT acts as a premium membership to the Memeland ecosystem, including two free Memeland primary collection mints, allowlist for all future 9GAG Memeland NFT collections such as Potatoz, MVP role & MVP lounge in Discord, with more to come.

The highest value sales in the last seven days for NFTs from the collection were for MVP #118

For 25.5 ETH or around $44,000 and MVP #418 for 23.99 ETH or approximately $42,000. More interesting is that the same wallet purchased both, and that wallet also holds more than 90 Potatoz NFTs, many of which are not revealed, with an estimated value of around $151,000. 

NFT sales
Source: DappRadar Portfolio Tracker

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N.B: Dollar values given are correct at the time of the sale

NFT Scam Alert! 

Knowing the fake collections from the real ones will save you a lot of heartache in the future. It will keep you from losing your cryptocurrency. Below, we’ve laid out the six ways to spot an NFT scam so that you don’t fall victim to dishonest cheats.

NFT sales

The above does not constitute investment advice. The information given here is purely for informational purposes only. Please exercise due diligence and do your research. The writer holds positions in various cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and RADAR.

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