Marshmello Reveals His CryptoPunk NFT

DJ Marshmello NFT
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Bulging portfolio worth over $1 million

Global superstar DJ Marshmello has unveiled CryptoPunk #8274 as his avatar on Twitter as the social media giant starts to roll out its NFT verifications. The multi-platinum selling artist, who’s had hits with the likes of Bastille, James Arthur, Khalid, and Selena Gomez, has a bulging portfolio of 46 NFTs with a current value of over $650,000. 

Using the DappRadar portfolio tracker we hunted down the exact CryptoPunk NFT using its traits and found it to be #8274. Now we have a window into the digital collectibles owned by DJ Marshmello and we see that he has a very impressive, well-curated NFT collection. It’s also worth noting this could just be one of many wallets held by Marshmello, so this may not be the entirety of his collection. 

DJ Marshmello NFT

Curated NFT collection 

The CryptoPunk is by far the most valuable item in the NFT collection. Looking at the trading history of the punk we see he bought it just two days ago for a cost of 130 ETH, or around $465,000. Using the financial view to assess the profit and loss on the NFT we can see that he’s 6% down on his purchase price already.

DJ Marshmello NFT
NFT Financial Overview

His 46 NFTs across 18 collections show a depth of knowledge in the NFT space and that Marshmello hasn’t been aping into any old collectibles. Instead, he seems to have a very calculated strategy. With BAYC, CrypToadz, VeeFriends, and Wicked Craniums amongst the collection, Marshmello went after NFTs that promise further real-world and metaverse utility. A trend recently confirmed by the latest DappRadar new dapps report

A quick glance at his token holdings would also suggest he’s bullish on web3. His top three holdings are Chainlink (LINK), a DeFi oracle service that is arguably pivotal to DeFi dapps operations. GRT, The Graph, provides infrastructure for dapps to communicate and relay information and data – again pivotal. And Loopring, a zkRollup layer 2 network for trading and payments. Additionally, he owns the ENS domain itsmarshmellow.eth, something not usually seen with newbies. All these things point toward Marshmello having a well-rounded view of the services that he thinks will power the next economy. 

DJ Marshmello NFT

Music & NFTs: Obviously… 

The synergy between music and NFTs makes sense. Already this year we have seen many high-profile artists join the digital collectible revolution as NFTs become leveraged as marketing and fan interaction vehicles. Moreover, Marshmello aping into NFTs, especially those with metaverse application is no surprise. 

Virtual worlds such as Decentraland have been hosting regular music events featuring massive names such as Paris Hilton, Steve Aoki, and DeadMau5, in what can only be looked at as preparation for a future where people will choose to interact, party, and live in virtual world environments – and attend metaverse festivals. Plus, on October 21st Decentraland will host the first event of its kind – a fully decentralized celebration of music that offers a mix of headline acts, mind-blowing stages, games, exclusive artist merch, collectibles, and more.

Music artists, especially touring DJs such as Marshmello revenue has been hit hard over the last two years due to COVID-19. The metaverse may very well become that sanitized, clean and safe environment we all end up in one day – ready player one? 

The above does not constitute investment advice. The information given here is purely for informational purposes only. Please exercise due diligence and do your research. The writer holds positions in ETH, BTC, AGIX, MATIC, MANA, SAFEMOON, SDAO, HEX, LINK, GRT, CRO, OMI, GO, SHIBA INU, USDT, AND OCEAN.

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