Diplo Goes Crypto Public with New BAYC NFT

Diplo Goes Crypto Public with New BAYC NFT
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The American DJ showed off his BAYC #5384 on Twitter

Diplo is the latest addition to the list of DappRadar verified celebrity wallets, as the DJ swapped his Twitter profile pic for BAYC #5384 on December 1st. To take it a step further, Diplo has also changed his Spotify account picture, which now proudly displays the Bored Ape. 

A deep dive into Diplo’s wallet reveals that he is already quite the NFT enthusiast. He owns a total of 29 NFTs worth over $209.000. The DJ has aped in some of the hottest NFT collections at the moment. He owns one the littles NFT, and one Jungle Freaks NFT, aside from the BAYC NFT that is now featured across his social media channels. Interestingly, Diplo also owns one of 2500 Poolsuite Executive Member NFT passes. 

It is important to note that Diplo has also noted the recent surge in interest towards virtual land and the metaverse. The DJ owns three Decentraland Names NFTs and 3493 MANA, or about $15.000 at the time of writing. Diplo is also the proud owner of the diplo.eth Ethereum Name Service domain as well as three other ENS NFTs.  

Interestingly, Diplo decided to use MoonPay’s services to acquire BAYC #5384. According to his wallet’s transaction history, the NFT was first purchased by moonpay.eth for 54 ETH and later transferred to Diplo’s address. This has become a common practice for celebrities looking to jump into NFTs, as earlier this month show host Jimmy Fallon also acquired a BAYC NFT through MoonPay. 


Diplo and his crypto DJ competition

Diplo is not the first DJ to join the crypto world. In the official DappRadar celebrities wallets list, there are three more celebs in the DJ business who have already amassed quite the portfolio. Steve Aoki and DJ Marshmello compete for the top spot with similar net worths. Aoki has a net value of $2.57 million attached to his portfolio, while DJ Marshmello is a little behind with $2.51 million.

We also have 3LAU, who is more modest with a net portfolio worth circling around $44,400. In this sense, Diplo is the third crypto-rich DJ among verified DappRadar celebrity wallets with a net worth of $287.862.

While getting the bronze among such tough competition is quite the feat, Diplo still has a long way to go to beat Steve Aoki or Dj Marshmello. Both of them have upwards of 80 NFTs in their portfolios, and the majority of their valuation comes from their NFT holdings. Still, Diplo has made an excellent start with BAYC #5384.

DappRadar will continue monitoring Diplo on his journey into the metaverse and the NFT space. To browse through his wallet, explore his DeFi holdings, or his NFT collection, check out the handy links below. To stay on top of celebrity news from the crypto space, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our Discord community for the latest updates. 

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