Developers Can Lend Trading Bots on Soldex for Commissions

soldex trading bots
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The third-generation decentralized exchange will automate many unique trading strategies

Soldex will become a state-of-the-art decentralized exchange platform where developers can lend their trading bots to users and earn commission on successful trades. Using artificial intelligence for trading will usher in a new era for crypto trading. Soldex wants to solve issues with order-matching on centralized exchanges and trustless custody in many of the currency decentralized platforms.

According to the Soldex developers, roughly 80% of traders tend to lose money due to human error. However, bots will change that. They see a huge demand for automated trading, giving every trader the option to choose a strategy that suits their needs. On Soldex, trading bots will come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, ranging from high-risk to margin or 90-day success rates. 

Because the Solana blockchain supports up to 65.000 transactions per second, Soldex will be able to support up to just as many transactions per second. On top of that,the transaction costs on Solana are miniscule compared to those on Ethereum, from a fraction of a cent to more than $10. Trades on Soldex will be fast and cheap, which means that bots can act fast without losing serious money on gas fees. 

Soldex beneficial for traders

A decentralized exchange, or DEX, like Soldex AI is completely permissionless. Anybody can connect their wallet and make a trade, or perhaps choose to provide liquidity. Soldex will also offer staking options, all without the need for KYC requirements. At the center of the entire ecosystem is the SOLX token, which users can use for governance voting, paying fees, and staking for profits.

Soldex wants to become more than just a trading platform. The fact that Soldex embraces bots, means that a developer community will grow. With Soldex AI Academy they want to foster that community, and create an educational environment where everybody can learn about Solana and dive deeper into DeFi.

There’s a second-round private sale going on where the team sells SOLX for $0.06 per token. When the token launches on December 10th, the pricing will be set to $0.10 per token. Those who invest through the private sale, need to know that SOLX has a vesting schedule of 20% upon payment, and then 10% per month after the token officially launched. 

To participate in the ongoing SOLX private sale you can visit or contact [email protected]

DeFi on Solana growing rapidly

In the past 30 days, the DeFi sector on Solana has almost tripled from $3 billion by the end of August to almost $9 billion at the time of writing. This growth of value underlines the potential investors and users see in Solana, a blockchain characterized by cheap and fast transactions. 

The fact that Solana is very energy efficient also fits the narrative involving worries about energy consumptions by NFTs on Ethereum. Many investors see Solana as a solid alternative. It’s no surprise that Soldex is building its platform in this flourishing ecosystem.

Source: DefiLlama

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