Designer Brand Burberry Launching Exclusive Game NFTs

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NFTs launching inside Blankos Block Party next week

Designer brand Burberry is making its move in the NFT space with the launch of game items for Blankos Block Party on August 11th. Through the Blankos NFT Marketplace gamers and collectors will be able to buy NFT game characters and cosmetics.

The Burberry NFTs, titled The B Series, will feature limited-edition items to be released on the 11th of August. According to a tweet on the brand’s Twitter this week, the drop will include “a vinyl NFT toy, and limited edition Sharky B character, and accessories”. Excitement is building already with people wondering what the price tag might be. 

Skins are important drivers of IP for physical and digital products making designer brands a straightforward fit for NFT projects like Blankos. Based around Blankos, funky vinyl characters created by famous designers, Blankos Block Party is a user-generated universe where anyone can create their own mini-games and invite their friends to come and play. Moreover, it’s currently a free-to-play game with purchasable cosmetics and accessories. Additionally, it’s currently available on PC with the team forecasting support across other platforms in the near future as well. 

Just the beginning 

Burberry joins Louis Vuitton, Gucci,  Dolce & Gabbana, and more – all within just the past few months. Louis Vuitton announced a new mobile game to celebrate its founder’s 200th birthday, featuring embedded NFTs. While Dolce & Gabbana declared their own non-fungible token project in June; launching on the Polygon blockchain, it will feature an NFT series across three events in Venice later this month.

According to the DappRadar July Industry Report, NFT sales volumes hit $1.2 Billion in July alone. Play-to-earn games are a major driving force as Cryptoblades onboarded more than 316,000 unique users whilst generating more than $4.3 million in transaction volume. Virtual lands inside different metaverses increased their value with a Sandbox land lot selling for $863,000 while several Axie lands are trading above $500,000. Moreover, the data points at the fact we are starting to see movement towards mass adoption. Enforced recently by the leading secondary NFT marketplace OpenSea getting a $1.5 billion valuation, whilst Coca-Cola partnered with Decentraland to offer exclusive NFTs that sold for over half a million dollars.  

We are arguably just seeing the first wave of fashion brands turning to NFTs to increase market share and brand loyalty. A new type of economy is emerging that will in the short term be arguably fuelled by speculation. Moreover, we are seeing the first indications that the wider world wants to dive deeper into metaverses and virtual worlds.  

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