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DeGods NFT Complete Guide
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A comprehensive guide to the DeGods NFT collection and its journey to prominence

DeGods, a unique NFT collection that has captured the hearts of collectors, has experienced a significant rise in popularity and value. In this article, we delve into the captivating world of DeGods, explore its transition from Solana to Ethereum, and uncover the reasons behind its growing prominence in the ever-evolving NFT landscape.


What is DeGods?

DeGods is a collection of PFP NFTs featuring godly characters with modern streetwear and ancient deity-inspired art. Launched on the Solana blockchain in October 2021, this project offers an array of gods with distinct traits, employing a generative art algorithm to result in unique combinations of attributes for each god.

DeGods NFT Collection

Each DeGod possesses 4-7 traits from a total of eight possible attributes, determining the rarity of the individual NFT.

The collection extends beyond the mere collectible nature of NFTs, as it allows holders to generate DUST tokens by staking their DeGods and grants access to the DeDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization governing the ecosystem.

Ownership of a DeGod also enables the holder to “transcend” their NFT into a second version, known as a DeadGod. We will cover all of it further in this article.

Who is the team behind DeGods?

DeGods is created and managed by Dust Labs, a Web3 studio led by FrankDeGods. Dust Labs is also the team behind the popular y00ts NFT collection. Dust Labs has a strong focus on building innovative projects and fostering vibrant communities around their NFT collections.

A bit of DeGods’ history

Currently, the DeGods collection consists of 9,465 NFTs on Ethereum and 535 on Bitcoin. When DeGods were first minted on Solana on 8 October 2021, they were available for only 3 SOLs.

Following some administrative mistakes and bot issues, people lost interest and were soon accusing the team of a rug pull. By the end of 2021, the collection was nearly dead and the developers were thinking of quitting. So to get to where they are today is hugely impressive.

A concept that made DeGods viral was its first experiment, the Paper Hands Bitch Tax (PHBT), which consisted in taxing 33.3% on any NFT sale under the current floor price. Once the accumulated taxes reached the price of the lowest-priced DeGod, this NFT would be burned immediately using a Burn Bot. Thus decreasing the total number of DeGods in circulation. As Frank explains in Frank is typing:

“Almost instantly, the PHBT concept went stupid viral. Unfortunately, after 2 months, it was pretty obvious: the experiment was not working. At all. On the 1st of January 2022, we announced that we will be removing the 33.3% tax.”

However, that would not be the end of it for the PHBT. Upon migrating to Ethereum in April 2023, it went into effect and all the remaining DeGods on Solana were updated to have an enforced 33.3% royalty fee.

What makes DeGods special?

DeGods stands out from other NFT collections due to several factors:

  • Exclusive and engaged community: DeGods positions itself as a community for innovators, developers, and builders. Holders of DeGods NFTs gain access to an exclusive community that promotes creativity and collaboration, fostering a strong ecosystem around the collection – and are quite loud on social media.
  • Ongoing developments: DeGods is constantly evolving, with the team working on new community initiatives, rewards, and partnerships to keep the project fresh and exciting for its holders. The recently released 2023 roadmap is designed to keep the community engaged and speculating about upcoming updates.
  • Resilience and adaptability: Despite facing early challenges like accusations of a rug pull, ugly art, and declining interest in Solana, DeGods has managed to bounce back and thrive. This demonstrates the team’s commitment to the project and its community.

From Solana to Ethereum

In December 2022, DeGods made a calculated risk and announced it would be migrating from Solana to Ethereum. The transition was motivated by the desire to explore new opportunities and avoid the issues that the Solana blockchain faced that year.

The bridge took place in April 2023 and DeGods continues to thrive on the Ethereum network, frequently reaching the Top 10 NFTs by trading volume. The brand motivated the community to migrate their NFTs as soon as possible, covering ETH gas fees for the migrations on the first 24 hours after the bridge. DeGods on Ethereum have a (small) 0.33% royalty fee on all marketplaces.

DeGods in Top 5 NFT Collections
DeGods in Top 5 NFT Collections at the time of writing

DeadGods vs DeGods

In March 2022, Dust Labs launched the new version of DeGods and called it DeadGods. While many think of it as a new collection, it’s not – it’s simply an upgraded version of DeGods with enhanced visuals and benefits. DeadGods NFTs are more rare and valuable than regular DeGods, and they can only be obtained by burning a DeGods NFT and paying a small fee.

DeGods vs DeadGods NFTs
DeGods vs DeadGods NFTs: March 2022

In addition to serving as a gateway to y00ts, DeadGods also offer exclusive benefits within the DeGods ecosystem. For example, holding a DeadGods NFT grants access to the DeGods DAO and the ability to vote on community initiatives. Moreover, while staking DeGods NFTs granted holders a number of DUST tokens in rewards, staking DeadGods triples those rewards.

DeadGods are highly coveted by collectors and investors, and they have sold for significant amounts on secondary markets. The rarest and most valuable DeadGods can fetch prices in the six-figure range, making them one of the most sought-after NFTs on the market.

y00ts NFTs

y00ts is an NFT collection that was created by the same team behind DeGods, built on Solana and transitioned to Polygon. It consists of 15,000 unique NFTs, each with its own distinct design and rarity level.

y00ts NFTs are tied to the DeGods ecosystem
y00ts NFTs are tied to the DeGods ecosystem

There were only two ways to mint it: by being y00tlisted or by holding a DeadGods NFT. Since being “y00tlisted” was a highly exclusive process that required community involvement and participation in various initiatives, the collection became one of the most exclusive and sought-after NFT collections on the market.

DeGods season 3: New art, female characters & Points Parlor

On 9 and 10 of August 2023, the DeGods team hyped the NFT space with the news of much-awaited updates. First, Dust Labs announced that its y00ts collection would be making a second migration, now from Polygon to Ethereum.

Next, as part of the DeGods Season 3, the collection unveiled a fresh PFP artwork that collectors can choose to update. Besides a clean design, making traits and backgrounds clear and simple, it was inspired by classic American comic book illustrations. Moreover, holders can now choose to transform their NFTs into a female version. For the first time, women are represented in the DeGods space.

DeGods Season 3 brings female characters to the collection
Source: DeGods

The art update, however, received quite some backlash from the community, who wasn’t as excited about simplifying the artwork of their NFTs, even if it was optional.

Continuing on its innovative wave, DeGods introduced its community to the Points Parlor system. This points system is a gaming experience new to its universe where staked DeGods earn points to unlock prize packs.

DeGods holders’ exclusive benefits

DeGods holders enjoy exclusive benefits, such as access to future drops and the ability to mint y00ts NFTs. The collection also offers a non-custodial staking contract and community initiatives.

The DeGods community and clubs

The DeGods community is composed of innovators, developers, and builders who share a passion for creating and collecting NFTs. The community is known for its strong support of DeGods and its initiatives, and the team has expressed a commitment to nurturing and growing the community.

The DeGods community and DeShoeys clubs
The DeGods community and DeShoeys club

So much so that its community members took it upon themselves to deepen the level of their connections, creating clubs inside the holders’ groups – such as the DeYachtClub, DeShoeys, DeAsia, DeGolf, and so on.

Staking DeGods

DeGods new non-custodial Staking went live in April 2023 and is a great way for holders to earn rewards and become more involved in the DeGods ecosystem.

The process of staking DeGods is simple. First, holders need to transfer their DeGods NFTs to the new staking website, which works for both DeGods and DeadGods. Once transferred, holders can stake their NFTs and start earning DePoints for every minute it is staked. DePoints are attached to the NFT and can be spent on rewards such as airdrops, physical goods, and sponsored brand activations.

One of the benefits of staking DeGods is that the NFTs stay in the holder’s wallet while staked. Holders earn one DePoint every minute and continue to earn DUST tokens every day. This incentivizes long-term holding and engagement within the DeGods ecosystem.

The longer the lock-up period, the greater the rewards that can be earned. In addition to earning DUST tokens, staking DeGods also grants access to the DeGods DAO and the ability to vote on community initiatives.


DeDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that governs the DeGods ecosystem. It consists of three groups: DAO Leads (the project founders), the Alpha Team (market experts), and the Divine Council (contributing members who are voted in by DeDAO). The DAO guides the project’s decision-making process and directs the funds in its treasury.

What is the most expensive DeGods NFT ever sold?

The most expensive DeGods NFT ever sold on Ethereum is DeGod #7843, which sold for 55 ETH ($102,256 at the time of sale) on 23 May 2023.

Most expensive NFT DeGods
DeGod #7843 became the most expensive NFT from this collection in May 2023

The collection’s floor price currently stands at around $15,000, and its trading volume has continued to rise despite negative market trends.

Where can I buy a DeGods NFT?

DeGods NFTs are available on various NFT marketplaces such as:

With the move to Ethereum, DeGods has become more accessible to a wider range of collectors and investors. You can analyze the highest recent sales and more stats on the DeGods NFT page on DappRadar.

The DUST tokens

The DUST token is the native token of Dust Labs and an essential component of the DeGods ecosystem. It is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain with a capped supply of 33,300,000. To mine DUST, you can stake either a DeGods or DeadGods NFT and earn daily rewards. Depending on your NFT, your rewards can be higher or lower.

Holding DUST grants access to exclusive benefits and features, such as participation in the DeDAO, the ability to vote on community initiatives, and more. DUST is listed on Raydium DEX, and you can buy DUST tokens with SOL. At the time of writing, DUST price stood at $1.78.


After its first mint, 535 DeGods NFTs were burnt, and the community never knew why. As it turns out, they had been forever inscribed on Bitcoin. In March 2023, there was a first-of-its-kind minting experience on Bitcoin.


535 DeGods were made available for public mint on Bitcoin, and the sale operated on a first-come, first-served basis. Out of these, 500 DeGods were minted with BTC, and 34 DeGods were auctioned/raffled in DUST, with all the profits going to the DustDAO. This unique event attracted attention from the community and collectors alike.

Bitcoin DeGods NFTs are a unique addition to the collection, and they offer a one-of-a-kind experience for collectors. The minting process on Bitcoin adds another layer of exclusivity to the collection and creates a sense of unparalleled rarity in the NFT world.

What does the future hold for DeGods?

DeGods has an exciting future ahead, with plans for new community initiatives and rewards. In May 2023, the team released an updated roadmap, which includes hints towards future endeavors, such as a Squid Game-inspired park, a LOTR Mordor mountain, an Egyptian sphynx, a Jobs board, and more.

The team has committed to announcing a new update, partnership, or event every single week, which has generated even more hype around the project.

DeGods is an NFT collection that has defied market trends and continued to ascend in value. With a strong community, exclusive benefits, and exciting plans for the future, DeGods is well-positioned to remain a top-performing NFT collection.

By moving to Ethereum and pioneering on Bitcoin NFTs, DeGods has become even more accessible to collectors and investors. As the NFT market evolves, DeGods will likely continue to innovate and attract new fans.

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Keep an eye on DappRadar to stay up to date on the latest NFT trends and developments.

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