DeGods Season 3 Approaches with a $2.8 Million Trading Boost

degods season 3
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DeGods’ floor price keeps outshining Azuki, MAYC, and Captainz

DeGods Season 3 is scheduled for 9 August. Despite a quiet market, the announcement has sparked increased trading activity. Following its migration to Polygon in March, DeGods has solidified its position as a leading NFT collection, distinguished by its stability compared to other notable projects. As anticipation builds for the upcoming season, join us in exploring DeGods’ recent data performance and its potential ahead.


DeGods announces Season 3 amidst market uncertainty

DeGods NFT announced on social media that its Season 3 would take place on 9 August. Frank, the founder of DeGods, had recently dropped tantalizing hints on a podcast. He promised that Season 3 would enhance the community experience and further elevate the DeGods artwork. 

In recent times, NFT project updates have often failed to generate widespread enthusiasm. Or even worse, the unfortunate tale of Azuki. The launch of Elemental had triggered a sharp nosedive—once priced above 15 ETH, and Azuki now struggled to reach 5 ETH. A similar misfortune also fell on The Captainz, whose new artwork led to a swift 25% drop in floor price within 24 hours. 

Even though scarred by recent letdowns, the DeGods community was cautiously hopeful. 

From Season 2 triumph to Season 3 anticipation

Recalling the success of DeGods Season 2, a sense of expectation seemed to fill the air.

The announcement of DeGods Season 3 proved to be a powerful catalyst, driving trading activities to exceed $2.8 million volume in less than 7 days. A notable $1.07 million was generated on 1 August.

degods NFTs

Given DeGods’ floor price at 9 ETH, which many couldn’t afford, people naturally leaned towards the y00ts collection, an important part of DeGods’ ecosystem. With a much lower price at 1.8 ETH, y00ts witnessed a steady 42% upswing in trading volume, amassing $516,770 in seven days and by 193 traders.

y00ts nft

Surprisingly, these impressive figures were achieved despite the scarcity of Season 3 details. Founder Frank deliberately opted to keep some aspects under wraps, a strategy to avoid speculation and FUD. 

Still, beneath the veil of secrecy, he firmly believed that Season 3 had the power to shape the community’s dynamics in a significant way.

Charting price stability after leaving Solana

March saw a new chapter for DeGods, as it migrated to Polygon—a strategic move to a more dynamic NFT ecosystem. After that, DeGods’ floor price found stability, consistently trading above $10,000 for an impressive span of 120 days.

A closer examination of DeGods’ floor price metrics offers a telling insight. From 9 April to 7 August, its floor price median stood at $15,751, closely mirroring the average trading price of $15,716. These figures suggest low volatility, hinting at a steadiness not often observed in the recent NFT space. 

In contrast, Azuki, MAYC, and Captainz presented different trading patterns. Azuki and MAYC, for instance, grappled with significant declines of 65% and 56% in floor price, while Captainz faced a comparatively milder drop of 25%. 

DeGods’ resilience shone through in this uncertain landscape, registering a mere 6% decrease over the same 120-day period. As of 7 August, DeGods’ floor price commands a robust $16,465, way above the figures recorded for Azuki ($8,976), MAYC ($10.341), and Captainz ($8,412).

Furthermore, notable high-price sales have been recorded during this period, with multiple DeGods fetching prices over $100,000. Listed below in the image are a few of the prominent high-value sales. 

degods top sales

The secret recipe for DeGods success

Beneath DeGods’ stability lies an unconventional approach that defies norms. In a space often dominated by utility-driven discussions, Frank shared a hidden truth: the PFP community prizes more than mere utility.

People don’t necessarily care about utility… it’s all [ meaningless ] except for the community.

Frank, Founder of Dust Lab

This does not mean a departure from product creation, but rather an insightful pivot. The journey involves understanding unspoken community desires, as people often struggle to articulate their actual needs.

For the DeGods community, value emerges from a symphony of art, interpersonal bonds, a profound sense of belonging, and an innate identity.

Therefore, the DeGods ecosystem is masterfully crafted around these foundational pillars. Vibrant DeGods IRL events, the comprehensive digital hub de[id], and the burgeoning y00topia are all testaments to their commitment to these ideals.

Keep learning about DeGods and NFTs

As Season 3 draws near, we’re eager to see how the community and market respond. DappRadar will closely observe and keep our users informed as the story unfolds. Meanwhile, you can discover collectibles and analyze the NFT market across 50 blockchains on DappRadar, understanding the dynamics of this evolving digital market.

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