DeFi Platform CorgiDoge Boosts Transactions 450%

The platform surpassed 4k users in a week

CorgiDoge, a meme-coin exchange on Binance Smart Chain, has seen its user base increase more than 400% in the past seven days. Additionally, the platform processed over 450% more transactions during the same period. 

According to DappRadar data, CorgiDoge has been performing strongly throughout the past couple of months. The boost in activity is probably pushed by increased interest in the phenomenon we call meme coins. CorgiDoge is centered around the CORGI token, which is the native currency on the exchange. 

CORGI was designed after the infamous Dogecoin. Dogecoin began as a joke but was soon picked up by online communities, and famously Elon Musk, founder of electric automobile manufacturer Tesla. Musk’s involvement with Dogecoin brought a lot of price action to the meme coin.

Similarly, CORGI started out as a funny meme coin project. However, interest in the token did not falter and has now translated to the CorgiDoge exchange.

CorgiDoge Exchange attracts an audience

In the past week, the CorgiDoge exchange saw an increase in metrics across the board. Users and transactions rose by upwards of 400%. The volume going through the platform also rose, however, only by the rather insignificant 5%. What’s impressive is that CorgeDogi still attracts new users, despite the novelty hype wearing out.

Another possible explanation for the spike in unique active wallets on CorgiDoge is the platform’s airdrop and referral program. Upon signing in with your wallet for the first time, Corgi airdrops you an entry reward of 100,000 CORGI instantly. After that, users receive CORGI tokens for every friend they refer to the platform. The strong airdrop campaign is one of the main drivers for the platform’s success so far. 

The CorgiDoge ecosystem

Aside from the CORGI token and the CorgiDoge exchange, the team behind the project looks to create a whole ecosystem of applications and use cases for the token. According to the official documentation, CorgiDoge is only the beginning. Developers are also working on releasing a real estate investment application, an e-commerce platform, and an improved crypto exchange. 


CorgiDoge’s roadmap also includes landmark goals like the launch of a dedicated Corgi Wallet, which is due to happen at the beginning of 2022. 

The developer’s team has some ambitious plans for the platform’s development and further capabilities. For the moment, they rely predominantly on airdrops and referrals to attract new users. However, plans for the CorgiDoge ecosystem definitely sound exciting. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the platform’s development over time. If you are curious to check out CorgiDoge, and other Binance Smart Chain DeFi solutions, check out the links below.

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