DeFi Made Easier: Bogged Now Supports Credit Cards

The multi-chain DeFi platform becomes even more accessible

Bogged makes the DeFi trading experience accessible to everyone with its all-encompassing DeFi platform, which now allows users to purchase crypto directly using their credit cards. Bogged is among the biggest multi-chain decentralized exchange aggregators on the market, supporting tokens from over 50 DeFi platforms across ten different blockchains. 


  • Bogged is available on BNB Smart Chain, Cronos, OEC, HECO, Polygon, Fanton, KCC, Moonriver, Avalanche, and Harmony.
  • To make DeFi trading accessible to everyone, Bogged teamed up with Ramp to integrate credit card payment into its platform. 
  • Notably, Bogged has witnessed a 52% increase in users and 108% in transaction volume last week.
  • Users can unlock premium features by holding BOG, the native token of Bogged. 

Bogged strives to become the most extensive crypto token aggregator on the market. Currently, Bogged DEX Aggregator supports over 50 decentralized exchanges across ten different blockchains, including BNB Chain, Cronos, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, and Harmony. 

To further lower the entry barrier for users to enjoy DeFi trading, Bogged now allows users to buy DeFi crypto tokens with their credit cards. By buying crypto tokens with their credit card, users get seamless and quick access to the wonderful multi-chain world of DeFi thanks to Bogged. 

A step-by-step tutorial on credit card crypto purchase at Bogged

DeFi has been disrupting the traditional finance industry by providing huge efficiencies and changes in market structure. Leveraging blockchain, DeFi can potentially remove third parties and the related costs in financial transactions and also benefit users who are currently undervalued by traditional banks and institutions. 

However, many people interested in getting into DeFi don’t know how to access it. In response, Bogged partnered with Ramp to provide a simple and friendly way of adding funds directly to users’ сrypto wallets. This is how you can buy crypto using your credit card in 3 simple steps:

  1. Begin purchase
    Firstly, users need to visit Bogged Swap’s token exchange interface to start the token purchase. Once on the interface, users can see Visa/Master Card icons at the bottom of the page. Next, users can click on their preferred payment method and set the fiat currency and amount they wish to spend.
  2. Ramp account set-up
    Once users have selected the currency and the amount, they will need to complete a simple account set-up process with Ramp. After inputting a valid email address and ticking the T&C, users need to input their (for example) BNB Chain DeFi wallet address, select payment methods, and complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) process.
  3. Finalizing the crypto purchase
    After users successfully pass the KYC, they can start making payments using credit cards or other selected payment methods. Ramp will send an email notification to users once the payment has been received. At the same, the required amount of BNB tokens will be transferred to users’ wallets.

Bogged saw a 50% 7-day user increase 

Bogged has rolled out a robust roadmap to advance its cross-chain expansion. Bogged DEX Aggregation router currently supports over 50 DEXes across ten chains and provides advanced features for DeFi traders such as AutoTax, Multi Tx, Limit orders, and Stop-losses. 

The team is currently working on various upgrades to the routing system, which will enable users to swap any token on any compatible Uniswap/Pancakewap fork recognized by the improved liquidity API.

With several milestones achieved over the past months, Bogged has witnessed impressive data performance. The multi-chain dapp registered a 52% increase in users, generating $22.78 million in volumes, an increase of 108% in transactions. It sure looks like users actively dive into Bogged and its services. 

bogged dapp metrics

Earn rewards with BOG tokens 

The BOG token serves as the governance and payment token for Bogged. It is worth mentioning that Bogged shares profits with users. To become eligible to share the profit pool, users need to stake BOG to earn a share of the platform fees. 

Moreover, holding BOG tokens allow users to enjoy numerous premium benefits, including bypassing transaction limits on applicable tokens, custom gas, duplicate transactions, and more.

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