Deepak Thapliyal Buys Alien Punk for $23.5 Million

Deepak Thapliyal Buys Alien Punk for $23.5 Million
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Punks and BAYC dominate the chart, virtual land makes a dent

Crypto entrepreneur Deepak Thapliyal has purchased CryptoPunk #5822 for $23.58 million, topping this week’s top 10 NFT sales chart. The impressive 8,000 ETH purchase proves that CryptoPunks V2 still hold their place as the most expensive collection in the space, despite recent turbulence. 

Punk #5822 is one of the rarest items in the CryptoPunks collection, because of its Alien trait. The collection offers only 9 Alien punks. Five years ago the NFT was purchased by the original owner for 5 ETH, which was $1,600 at that time. That really puts the $23 million price tag into perspective. What’s more impressive is that the seller owns another alien punk in their incredibly valuable NFT collection.

Aside from the massive Alien Punk sale, two more Punks made it to the top 10 this week. Additionally, Bored Ape Yacht Club is going strong with three entries, and virtual land NFTs in The Sandbox and Decentraland also recorded some top-grossing transactions. 

The digital artist XCOPY also made it to the list this week with one of his NFT artworks, as his Disorder NFT artwork switched wallets for $648,660. The new owner seems to be a Yuga Labs supporter, with 6 BAYC and 21 MAYC NFTs in their portfolio. 

Top 10 NFT Sales – Week 6 / Feb 7 – Feb 13

  1. CryptoPunk #5822 – $23.58 million / 8,000 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  2. CryptoPunk #5577 – $7.82 million / 2,500 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  3. CloneX #13134 – $1.15 million / 368 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  4. Web3 LAND Sale – 6×6 Estate M [-126,-204] – $1 million / 225,000 SAND – buyer’s wallet
  5. Bored Ape Yacht Club #3052 – $765,590 / 250 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  6. CryptoPunk #9344 – $744,940 / 239.99 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  7. Fashion Street Estate – $681,620 / 214,340 MANA – buyer’s wallet
  8. D I S O R D E R – $648,660 / 202 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  9. Bored Ape Yacht Club #5552 – $495,890 / 157.94 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  10. Bored Ape Yacht Club #9212 – $428,730 / 140 ETH – buyer’s wallet

Deepak Thapliyal bets on CryptoPunks

Deepak Thapliyal is a prominent figure in the crypto space. He is the founder of, one of the first crypto companies to enter the industry. Aside from his recent Alien Punk purchase, Thapliyal has a rather impressive NFT portfolio. 

Currently, the crypto entrepreneur owns 2010 NFTs, which is a sizable collection. His latest Alien Punk purchase is also the most expensive NFT in their wallet. Aside from Punk #5822, Thapliyal owns multiple BAYC and MAYC NFTs, as well as several ENS domain names

While CryptoPunks often make it to the weekly DappRadar top 10 NFT sales list, however, a $23.5 million transaction is rare. To find out what your CryptoPunk’s estimated value is right now, check out the DappRadar NFT Value Estimator. To get the latest NFT news first, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our Discord channel to share your most impressive NFT purchases.  

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