Decentraland Mega Tower Sells for 238K – NFT Highlights

Check out some of the most interesting NFT sales of the past week

As bearish trends and overall volatility sweep the crypto space, a Decentraland Mega Tower sold for over $238,000. This purchase shows that the metaverse and virtual properties are not too affected. The Otherside deeds are also attracting quite the attention. Still, Mega Tower 2 in Decentraland is the top grosser this week. 

The land plot will allow the owner to build a 325-foot property on the spot. This is five times larger than what a single parcel can accommodate. Considering this, the 194,000 MANA paid should be worth it. The new owner of Mega Tower 2 also owns a large 7×4 Decentraland Estate. 

Impressively, despite a rather rough couple of weeks for Azuki, the collection and its subsequent release Beanz have registered some impressive sales in the past seven days. Azuki #2239 switched owners for 75 ETH, or over $150,000. Beanz #19597 also attracted a top sale of 52 ETH, or over $100,000. 

At any given time, visitors of DappRadar can find out the top-grossing NFT sales over the past day, week, or month. Users with a DappRadar PRO membership get access to smaller time frames as well. NFT Highlights showcases some of the more interesting NFT sales over the past week, not based on value but on hype, originality, and other factors. 

To view the complete list of NFT Highlights, check below. Additionally, you can enjoy a quick view and watch this handy video. 

NFT Highlights

Decentraland, Nouns, and VeeFriends attract buyers

Aside from a wave of Bored Ape and Otherside sales, the NFT space has been feeling the adverse effects of the bear market. However, some projects and collectibles manage to reverse the trend and attract top sales.

Decentraland leads the way with the Mega Tower 2 sale. A NounsDAO NFT also turned some eyes after this wallet purchased Noun 103 for 85 ETH, or just over $170,000. Interestingly, some less popular collections like Chimpers and CatBlocks also recorded impressive sales. 

Another notable NFT sale to highlight is the purchase of Gift Goat, part of the VeeFriends collection. The NFT grants the holder a customized gifting experience crafted by Gary Vee. At the time of the purchase, the NFT still holds more than half of the gifts it is intended to grant. What’s more, the gifting experience Gift Goat brings to the holder to still about two years before it expires. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space as it fights to defy the bear market trends. If you want to browse through the top-grossing NFT sales of the past week, check out the official DappRadar ranking. Additionally, you can explore NFT sales on multiple chains and join DappRadar PRO to get the most up-to-date NFT sales data.

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