Data visualization to reveal the dapp characteristics of Ethereum, EOS, and TRON

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More than pretty pictures

The world is full of complex data and that’s especially the case when it comes to the world of blockchain.

What we need are simple ways to highlight the significant trends hidden within that data.

At DappRadar, that’s something we’re always considering how to do better.

And in our most recent 2019 report into blockchain dapp ecosystem trends, we came up with some data visualization we thought fulfilled this aim.

Neat ways to highlight complex data

What we did was plot the activity of various dapp categories in terms of their daily usage and daily value for the Ethereum, EOS and TRON blockchains.

In the following bubble graphs, each dot represents an individual day, plotted in terms of the unique number of wallets interacting with all the dapps in the category against the dollar value of that activity.


Looking first at Ethereum, we can see that each of the four dapp categories plotted — DeFi, Exchanges, Gambling, and Gaming — have distinct patterns.

  • Gaming is clearly the most popular category — with some days over 10,000 active wallets — but generates very little dollar value.
  • Gambling is less popular and similarly doesn’t generate much value.
  • Exchange usage is smaller than Gaming and Gambling — less than 5,000 active wallets — but generates multiple times more value; tens of millions of dollars daily.
  • DeFi is the smallest category in terms of active wallets but generates similar value as Exchanges, and more in terms of dollar per active wallet.


When we look at what’s going on with EOS, we see some similarities but also many differences.

  • The first thing to note is there is no DeFi category on EOS.
  • The Exchange category generates the most value; on occasion almost $200 million a day. But there is a very clear limit to the number of active wallets. It’s almost a vertical line.
  • Gambling is popular (much more popular than on Ethereum) and also generates much more value.
  • Gaming is almost irrelevant, with both low value and low daily activity.
  • Instead, the Other category — which in the case of EOS contains a lot of airdrop dapps — is by far the most popular, and regularly hits over 20,000 daily active wallets, although many of these will be bots, not humans.


The final blockchain we consider is TRON, which — again — has its own strong characteristics.

  • Clearly, TRON is a blockchain that’s almost purely for gambling. And it supports this category very well, both in terms of high daily usage and generated value.

Of course, while such data visualization is useful for demonstrating high-level trends, you will have to check out our report to get more details of what’s happening on each blockchain.

You can read it here.

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