Dappsapp Brings Secure Messaging To the Blockchain

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Active users up over 100% in last 7 days

The new multi-chain messaging service Dappsapp is catching attention this week as the number of active wallets connecting to the messaging service grew by over 117%. The application, which keeps user identities completely hidden runs on Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon. 

There’s always demand for messaging services, as consumers look for alternatives to Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. The reason to switch messenger services often has something to do with privacy. New messenger services like Dappsapp try to capitalize on that.

Active wallets connected to Dappsapp swelled more than 117% week over week to 23,440 at writing. Transactions hit over 247,000, down 20% on last week, as users sent messages back and forth for a small cost. Interestingly the price differs with each network, and sending messages on Polygon is the cheapest at just $0.02 per message. Sending on BSC costs $0.50 per message and $0.25 on Avalanche.  

So how does Dappsapp work?

The website is stripped back and extremely basic, with a banner running along the base stating the differences between Dappsapp and other popular messaging platforms. The crux is that while everyone can see messages on Dappsapp, identities are entirely hidden, and nobody knows who is who. 

To start a chat, users can choose a network then send a private link. Alternatively, write a friend’s Metamask address in the “talk to” section to talk with each other. 

As mentioned, the service feels super simple right now with just simple functionality and no docs available on the technical side of the application. Furthermore, the ‘How to Use’ page link leads straight to a 404 error. However, given the heightened awareness of security issues on messaging platforms lately, this is potentially precisely what people are looking for. A super-secure, simple to use blockchain-based messaging application. Looking purely at the data, it appears it’s gaining traction. We will keep an eye on it and endeavor to reveal more details shortly.

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