DappRadar Tracks Unique Active Wallets, But What Does That Mean?

DappRadar Unique Active Wallet UAW Explained
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Understanding blockchain data and the differences per dapp

DappRadar has become the number one platform for dapp discovery, giving users access to tens of thousands of applications across dozens of blockchain ecosystems. For each dapp we track the Unique Active Wallets, the number of transactions, and the volume of those transactions. But what does this data mean? 


  • DappRadar tracks unchangeable decentralized application data from the blockchain, providing verifiable insights for all its users.
  • Due to the nature of dapp data, any activity outside the blockchain ecosystem generally is not tracked by DappRadar.
  • The team at DappRadar is continuously working to add new features to enrich the experience for dapp developers and the community. 

It’s important to note that data on the blockchain is unchangeable, and therefore it doesn’t lie. When DappRadar tracks the number of transactions from or to a smart contract, it’s tracked live on the blockchain.  When DappRadar tracks the number of Unique Active Wallets (UAW) or Users interacting with a dapp, the data is once again very factual.

DappRadar makes blockchain data insightful and easy to understand for its users. Helping them to understand the blockchain ecosystem better. However, this data doesn’t always mean the same for each dapp. Furthermore, blockchain data doesn’t always paint the entire picture. 

The same data, different dapps, different meanings  

On DappRadar you can discover dapps through the Rankings, allowing users to filter dapps based on product category, blockchain, or specific data metrics.

The standard measurement for the DappRadar Rankings is the Unique Active Wallets (UAW). This key metric shows which dapp has the most user wallets interacting with it, and therefore sits on top of the charts. 

Among the top dapps you will now find game products like Alien Worlds and Splinterlands, while the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap also scores well. These products attract more than 100,000 UAW per day. However, Axie Infinity, often mentioned as one of the most popular dapps in the blockchain gaming ecosystem, only attracts 20,000 UAW daily. 

To understand this difference, you must understand how UAW is calculated. 

The DappRadar tooltip describes the UAW or user data as the ‘number of unique wallet addresses interacting with a dapp’s smart contracts’. So, to be counted by DappRadar, a user needs to make a blockchain transaction. 

In the trading card game Splinterlands, you make a blockchain transaction when you claim rewards, battle an opponent, open a card pack, stake your tokens, and so on. In this game, almost every action gets tracked by the blockchain. 

Now, look at Axie Infinity, where the gameplay takes place on centralized servers. The only on-chain actions for Axie Infinity include claiming rewards, breeding Axies and trading NFTs. While DappRadar measures 20,000 UAW per day through on-chain data, Axie Infinity reports attracting 100,000s players. That’s because a large chunk of activity doesn’t take place on the blockchain.

DappRadar & Decentraland working together

The development of metaverse worlds is fast moving, as more users and brands find their way into this virtual universe. The key metrics DappRadar provides are based on smart contracts, which are mainly submitted by dapp developers. The Decentraland team is currently updating their list of smart contracts and we’re therefore recalculating their metrics.

Closing words

DappRadar is working on introducing more metrics for specific dapps and product categories, enriching users’ experience and giving them more opportunities for dapp discovery. Dapp developers can claim ownership over their presence on DappRadar, and provide all the necessary smart contracts to track their project properly. 

We’re building the world’s dapp store, and we envision a future where a presence on DappRadar benefits the platform, dapp developers and every community. Built by millions, used by billions. 

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