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Skale Blockchain
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Skale Chains run an EVM client based on Ethereum

DappRadar is happy to announce it will soon be integrating the Skale Network and its ecosystem of dapps. For now, we invite dapp developers and users to learn more about the scalable, EVM-compatible network. 

Skale is a highly expandable multichain blockchain network that offers users a secure Ethereum scalability solution. Unlike most Layer-1 and Layer-2 networks, the architecture of Skale Network supports an ever-expanding set of dapp-specific chains. It uses the Ethereum mainnet to manage and orchestrate critical network operations to enhance network security and transparency.

In more simplistic language, for developers, It means they can run dapps on a scalable and fast chain provided exclusively for their dapp and ecosystem, without gas fee constraints, with all the connections to the Ethereum Mainnet dapp developers, users, and the community want. While the platforms Dappnet service helps dapp developers perform final network and load testing before Mainnet production launch.

Ethereum developers can use all the usual tools and deployment methods (Truffle, Hardhat, Remix, Web3) and get their own Skale Chain RPC endpoint. That’s right – an entire RPC endpoint for a dapp, its end-users, and ecosystem. Most vitally, Skale supports Solidity and the Ethereum Virtual Machine, meaning developers and users can use the same tools, wallets, token standards, etc., as they do on Ethereum right now. 

Deploying contracts over to Skale Chain is relatively easy. Depending on the architecture and needs, developers can choose which contracts to keep on Ethereum and serve on Skale—for example, putting more end-user-facing transactions on Skale and transactions requiring Proof-of-Work security on Ethereum.

High-level overview 

Skale is built atop the Ethereum network, with its entire operational side conducted through a series of smart contracts on Ethereum called Skale manager. This makes Skale EVM compatible and interoperable with Ethereum through the platform’s token bridge. The Interchain Messaging Agent (IMA) allows transferring of any token or message between Ethereum and Skale, using BLS Threshold cryptography to secure transfers.

The network is also financially aligned with Ethereum. Operations such as Skale Chain creation, validator registration, delegation, and more are all transactions on the Ethereum mainnet, handled by the Skale Manager. So the network is secured by Ethereum and pushes mining fees back to Ethereum miners.

Skale is Scaling

2021 was a productive year for the Skale Network, and with the impending integration to DappRadar set for early Q2, the momentum isn’t going to stop. With half a dozen dapps already live, a dozen set to go live in the coming months, and 100 plus more in the pipeline, the network is set for massive growth. Integration into DappRadar, now The World’s Dapp Store, will bring more visibility to Skale, its dapp ecosystem, and its potential.  

For now, those interested in exploring the Skale Network in more detail can start below:

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