DappRadar starts tracking dapps using Loom Network

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The layer 2 scaling solution is go

Continuing its mission as the most trusted source of dapp data, DappRadar has added support for dapps running on the Loom Network.

Loom is a universal layer 2 scaling solution, using delegated proof of stake consensus, which provides developers with the scalability and UX layer they need to build functional user-facing dapps.

Loom is currently live with Ethereum and recently added TRON, with support for EOS and Cosmos expected soon.

In this way, Loom allows developers to integrate assets from all major chains, as well as building their dapps once and offering them to users on all platforms simultaneously.

Good for games

As can be seen in respect to the dapps now tracked on DappRadar, Loom is a particularly useful solution for game developers.

Of the six dapps currently being tracked, the majority are games, with Loom Networks’ internally-developed TCG Relentless (previously called Zombie Battleground), taking the #1 position.

It’s worth pointing out that with the exception of Axie Infinity, these dapps are in testing, hence the relatively low user totals.

This is something we expect to rise significantly over the coming months as these dapps go live, and are joined by high profile titles currently in development including Neon District, Battle Racers, and Coin & Steel.

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