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NFT Collections Revamp project page
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All the relevant data and information about a collection in one place

DappRadar is excited to introduce the new NFT collection pages, allowing Web3 enthusiasts to find all the necessary information in one place. This new NFT product is a complete revamp of two separate products, combined into one comprehensive discovery page for NFT collectors, investors and enthusiasts. 

Media headlines suggest that NFTs are dead, but that’s simply not true. Across the Web3 industry we see various projects testing the waters with access passes or reward programs. In addition, the number of trades still goes into the double digit millions per month. NFTs are here to stay, and at DappRadar we just made things easier for everybody. 

Instead of having NFT collection data scattered across different products on DappRadar, NFT collection data now has a dedicated page. The NFT collection page provides insights about trading volumes, floor prices, recent sales and much more. 

Winds of Yawanawa by Refik Anadol, the NFT Collection project page also shows value estimation based on recent sales and meta data.

What can you find on a NFT Collection page? 

As a DappRadar user, you can find the following data and information on an NFT Collection page:

  • Trading stats overview – including trading volume, number of traders, market cap and floor price. 
  • Sales data – all the recent and historical on-chain sales for that particular collection
  • News articles – content created by DappRadar and the community about the collection
  • Other info – general information such as smart contracts and social media accounts.
The Overview tab on a NFT Collection page, in this case the NFT Collection page of the card game Gods Unchained.

DappRadar sees the NFT Collection page as a project page. There’s no separate dapp page, unless the project for example has a staking service, or other smart contracts.

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