Gain Total Control of Your Assets With The Portfolio Tracker

Gain Total Control With The Portfolio Tracker

The dapps space can be confusing. The Portfolio Tracker makes your life easier.

DappRadar´s Portfolio Tracker is an unmatchable powerful tool in the crypto market that provides real-time actionable data and allows users to oversee and manage their digital assets from different blockchains with our data. 

The dapps space can be confusing for many. Lack of interoperability, poor user experience interface, and other Web3 limitations can make it difficult for people to navigate their assets. 

Especially when there is value in savings and loans, spread across multiple dapps when it comes to DeFi, only adding to its complexity, also, it is not easy to keep up with the fast pace of the NFT market. 

This is where we got you covered. DappRadar is leading the way in data-led, actionable industry reporting making exploring, tracking, and managing dapps insightful, convenient, and rewarding for all. The Portfolio Tracker is a big part of that. 

What can you do with the Portfolio Tracker?

Track all the crypto and NFT assets in your wallet, and you´ll see the changes in your portfolio over time. You can easily visualize what tokens and NFTs you have in your wallet and a detailed valuation of your assets. Moreover, you can track NFTs, giving you total control over your collections.

This tool comes in handy when it comes to DeFi dapps. For example, if you are locking up value as collateral, often to earn interest while simultaneously using that collateral to borrow value as loans.

Never miss an Airdrop

Using the Portfolio Tracker, you can keep track of our many weekly airdrops at DappRadar. You can directly join your favorite airdrops and gain useful information regarding the tokens and the dapps behind them.

Estimate NFT Value

The NFT Value Estimator is a very useful tool using a machine-learning algorithm that combines each token’s current and historical price from different sources. Get the most accurate estimates of actual valuations in seconds.

Value, showcase, and flip NFTs 

You can gain financial insights into NFTs inside the Portfolio Tracker. Get valuable real-time insight into your NFTs, including: 

  • Previous floor price
  • Current floor price
  • Change in price 
  • Amount spent 
  • Current holdings 
  • Profit & loss 

Token Swap

You can swap tokens using the Token Swap function inside the Portfolio Tracker. Take action with zero platform fees.

Token Explorer

The Token Explorer shows a detailed overview of different kinds of tokens, dividing them into categories: DeFi, Exchanges, Gambling, Games, Indexes, NFT, and Social. You can get a quick overview of the tokens that have lost value during the past 24 hours, as well as those that have appreciated in value. Lastly, you can discover new tokens using this tool.

NFT Explorer

You can value, buy and sell NFTs using the NFT Explorer with the most accurate market data for actionable insights. With the NFT Explorer you can dive into existing collections, as well as the latest projects about to drop. Here, you’ll see Mint Date, Mint Price, and how many items are in the collection.

Read more about the NFT Collection Explorer here

Make DeFi easier

The ease of visualization and accurate real-time data keeps you updated about what´s going on in your DeFi dapps, keeping everything under control by monitoring your token balance, and checking your activity across multiple Ethereum wallets. 

Are you ready to join the DappRadar community? 

Connect your wallet to DappRadar and enjoy all the benefits of data-led actionable industry reporting. Our user-friendly interface makes exploring, tracking & managing dapps fun and rewarding for all. 

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