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DappRadar is thrilled that users can now track NFT collections on Stargaze, right here on the World’s Dapp Store. Users can easily monitor the performance of the most popular NFT collections and explore promising new projects on Stargaze. 

Stargaze is a pioneering proof-of-stake Layer-1 blockchain for NFTs, designed to be community-driven and fully decentralized. It provides users with a platform to trade NFTs, a launchpad for creators, decentralized name service, and more.

Built on Cosmos, one of the largest and most interoperable blockchain ecosystems, Stargaze has been in development since February 2020. The vision was to create an NFT ecosystem where users enjoy complete ownership and governance.

Stargaze is a Cosmos Zone, which means it’s an application-specific blockchain by design. With its mainnet launch on 10 October 2021, Stargaze aims to embody the high standards of security, decentralization, transparency, and flexibility that the Cosmos ecosystem is known for. It is the most decentralized chain in Cosmos with the highest nakamoto coefficient. Stargaze currently has the most volume and liquidity for NFTs in Cosmos.

To facilitate network operations, Stargaze has its native STARS token, which users and dapp developers can use for network fees, voting on governance proposals, and staking to help secure the network. All transactions involving NFTs are 0 gas. This includes minting, marketplace trading, and transfering NFTs. 

Utilizing the DappRadar Rankings, you can find the most popular Stargaze dapps of the moment. Furthermore, to give users a more comprehensive view of the fast-growing Stargaze ecosystem, DappRadar has added tracking capabilities for NFTs on Stargaze. 

Stargaze NFT collections on DappRadar 

Stargaze NFTs are opening up exciting opportunities for projects to engage their communities, enhance their games, and push boundaries in digital art. With so many NFT-powered projects making a splash on the Stargaze network, it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. But don’t worry, because DappRadar has got you covered.

Before exploring the exciting new developments in the world of Stargaze NFTs, let’s first take a moment to acknowledge the leading players in this dynamic ecosystem.

Stargaze NFT ranking

Bad Kids

Bad Kids NFT

Bad Kids is a collection of 9,999 unique and hand-drawn NFTs, featuring bad drawings of kids. Created with over 400 distinct parts, such as bodies, hair, mouths, and backgrounds, each Bad Kid is unique. While Bad Kids NFTs have sold out on Stargaze, users can still buy them on the secondary marketplace. Alternatively, users can simply enjoy viewing the unique and quirky NFTs without purchasing them.

Pixel Wizards

Pixel Wizards

Pixel Wizards are a collection of interactive NFTs created by Headmaster Berny that minted out in seconds. Along with other interactions, each wizard is associated with a crypto coin and can provide the real-time price of it. This allows users to participate in Token Dueling, a dapp created by Pixel Wizards, where you bet against another wizard’s token price fluctuation. 

Fuzzy Flies

fuzzy flies

Fuzzy Flies art studio is a team of 8, 5 of them being artists. Their team takes art commissions from community members and projects, and part of the revenue (20%) is shared among their NFT hodlers. They launched in December, 2022 as a Community Vote winner, being featured on Stargaze. Collabs with other projects can be found as 1/1 pieces within their collections, such as WadSquad, ChillHeadz, Woman from Cosmos, Rebels and more.



How does DappRadar fulfill the needs of NFT users?

DappRadar provides comprehensive data tracking for the rapidly growing dapp industry. In addition, we offer industry-leading valuation tools and reports on games, DeFi, NFTs, the metaverse and more.

How does DappRadar benefit NFT users particularly? 

NFT users can leverage DappRadar to navigate the complex industry landscape and find their critical insights. For example, through DappRadar NFT tracking, users can check the most popular NFT collections, NFT items, and transaction trends across top-tier marketplaces.

In addition, The DappRadar NFT Explorer provides a price estimate feature powered by a machine-learning algorithm. It scans the metadata of your NFT’s past sales to analyze these emerging digital assets.

Submit your Stargaze NFT projects to DappRadar

DappRadar invites NFT creators to submit their projects to DappRadar and create more visibility on the World’s Dapp Store for the ever-expanding Stargaze ecosystem. 

Those interested in learning more about Stragaze and the possibilities available can start on the Stargaze website and developer docs.

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