DappRadar Now Tracks Projects on opBNB

DappRadar tracks opBNB dapps

Find projects building on the Layer-2 scaling solution for BNB Smart Chain through DappRadar Rankings

DappRadar is excited to announce support for opBNB, allowing any Web3 user to discover Web3 projects and dapps built on the Layer-2 scaling solution for BNB Smart Chain. Through the DappRadar Rankings you can now discover dapps built on opBNB, allowing users to apply filters based on onchain metrics. 

DappRadar was one of the first to track blockchain data on BNB Smart Chain, and therefore we’re excited to now announce support for opBNB. This optimistic Layer-2 scaling solution for BNB Smart Chain gives users access to lower fees and a higher throughput. The low cost and predictable gas fees of opBNB allow for daily usage of gaming, decentralized exchanges and marketplaces.

With the integration of opBNB, Web3 explorers get a better view on the entire BNB ecosystem. Users can now discover dapps built on opBNB. In addition, developers now have a proper way to highlight their projects to the biggest community of Web3 enthusiasts.

Key features of opBNB

In an ideal scenario opBNB serves as a dedicated high-performance ledger for (gaming) applications, with BNB Smart Chain acting as a secure settlement layer. Most dapp interactions would occur directly on opBNB, leveraging its fast speeds, low fees, and high throughput to enable responsive interactive experiences. However, BNB Smart Chain would serve as a robust settlement layer for finalizing transactions and ensuring security. 

  1. opBNB is EVM-compatible, making it easy for developers to move their dapps over to the BNB scaling solution.
  2. It supports over 4,000 transactions per second, at an average cost of $0,001 in gas fees.
  3. The L2 scaling solution is built using the modular design by OP Stack
  4. opBNB utilizes the BNB token, tapping natively into the wider BNB ecosystem

opBNB and BNB 

Even though opBNB is a scaling solution, it does not require its own token. Instead opBNB relies on the already existing BNB token. This ensures a native integration into the BNB ecosystem, while the economy remains driven by the BNB token. 

BNB serves as a gas token, but is also used in the wider ecosystem. Users who want to purchase NFTs, or are looking to be active in DeFi, will often require BNB both for gas fees and for purchases. 

How to get started with opBNB

  1. Go to the BNB token page, and click “Buy BNB”
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Swap a token from your wallet to BNB on BNB Chain
  4. When you have BNB on BNB Smart Chain, go to the official opBNB Bridge
  5. Connect your wallet, and bridge BNB from BNB Chain to opBNB

Once the bridging process is complete, you’re ready to discover opBNB. You can start your journey through the DappRadar Rankings. 

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