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dappradar tracks lifeform
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DappRadar users can now keep track of the Lifeform NFT marketplace on BNB Chain. Lifeform aims to revolutionize the digital identity system, allowing users to explore the metaverse in a secure and personalized way. Now on DappRadar, users can easily monitor the trading dynamics of this decentralized identity platform and explore its newest and hottest collections.

Lifeform is a cross-platform 3D virtual avatar creation system. It utilizes NFTs to enable people to manage and retain their digital identities through a decentralized identity (DID) solution.

Lifeform avatars are created using powerful and simple-to-use editor tools. The editor allows users to customize their avatar’s appearance, including their body, face, hair, and clothing. Users can also create their own custom outfits and accessories.

Notably, these avatars can be used in popular Web2 video collaboration systems like Zoom, Google Meet, and Discord. In the future, they can serve serve as logins for various Web3 dapps.

Lifeform offers a native NFT marketplace within its ecosystem, providing users with the opportunity to explore and purchase a diverse range of NFTs. This marketplace not only offers items to personalize virtual humans but also features various branded IPs.

lifeform nft marketplace

DappRadar now tracks NFTs on Lifeform, giving users real-time information on the marketplace’s trading activities. This includes metrics like traders, trading volume, and activity within specific time periods.

Lifeform dappradar

Track trading dynamics of Lifeform on DappRadar 

Lifeform’s virtual identity ecosystem is constantly evolving and has incubated a number of high-profile projects. Among them, Lifeform Cartoon Avatar and LIFEFORM ITEM 1155 are highly sought after by users.

Lifeform Cartoon Avatar is a fun and user-friendly cartoon-style avatar creation tool. It enables users to design unique characters with various facial features, hair, clothing, and accessories. These avatars can be used in online games, social media, and virtual worlds. Moreover, the avatars are NFTs, allowing for buying, selling, and trading, making them a popular choice for creative self-expression in the digital realm.

lifeform cartoon avatar

Another project that is getting a lot of attention is the LIFEFORM ITEM 1155 collection. They operate like on-chain credentials, serving as evidence of users’ involvement in different events. In essence, it is a digital representation of users’ experiences that can be verified on the blockchain.

 LIFEFORM ITEM 1155 collection

With DappRadar, users can track the real-time data performance of all collections in the Lifeform ecosystem. Head over to Lifeform’s dapp page and you can learn how NFT prices move, and which items are trending on the marketplace. 

All the data will help you better understand market trends and make informed decisions.

How does DappRadar fulfill the needs of NFT users?

DappRadar provides comprehensive data tracking for the rapidly growing dapp industry. In addition, we offer industry-leading valuation tools and reports on games, DeFi, NFTs, the metaverse and more.

How does DappRadar benefit NFT users particularly? 

NFT users can leverage DappRadar to navigate the complex industry landscape and find their critical insights. For example, through DappRadar NFT tracking users can check the most popular NFT collections, NFT items, and transaction trends across top-tier marketplaces.

In addition, The DappRadar NFT Explorer provides a price estimate feature powered by a machine-learning algorithm. It scans the metadata of your NFT’s past sales to analyze these emerging digital assets.

Furthermore, PRO users of DappRadar can gain access to exclusive analysis content and data, enhancing their understanding of the NFT market.

Submit your NFT projects to DappRadar

DappRadar invites NFT creators to submit their projects to DappRadar and create more visibility on the World’s Dapp Store. 

Those interested in learning more about Lifeform and the possibilities available can start on the Lifeform website and whitepaper.

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