DappRadar Integrates Bitcoin Ordinals in NFT Trading Metrics

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Inscribed satoshis now tracked as NFTs by The World’s Dapp Store

DappRadar is excited to announce that it has now integrated Bitcoin Ordinals into the NFT trading metrics. Visitors of the World’s Dapp Store can now discover individual Ordinals sales and trading volume of entire collections. 

Bitcoin Ordinals have become one of the biggest sensations in the NFT space, and now these inscribed satoshis can be tracked on DappRadar. DappRadar will track Bitcoin Ordinals as NFTs on the dedicated NFT page, allowing users to discover individual sales and the volume of entire collections. 

This marks the first 100% on-chain assets on the Bitcoin blockchain tracked by DappRadar, while DappRadar already tracks dapps on Bitcoin Layer-2 solutions such as Stacks. While building the World’s Dapp Store, we believe in a multichain future, and therefore we have the ambition to track all dapps across all blockchains.

What are Bitcoin Ordinals? 

Bitcoin Ordinals can be seen as NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. Ordinals are a way for satoshis, the smallest individual unit of bitcoin, to be numbered, identified and inscribed with information. This inscription can be visual, essentially making Ordinals very similar to NFTs. Bitcoin Ordinals are now among the most popular non-fungible assets in Web3, behind Ethereum and ahead of Solana, Polygon and other blockchains. Learn more about Bitcoin Ordinals here.

Right now, these are the top Bitcoin Ordinals collections:

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