DappRadar adds tracking for Steem and Hive dapps

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Your most trusted source for dapp data just got bigger

DappRadar has extended its tracking capabilities from 11 to 13 smart contract blockchains, adding dapps running on Steem and its recent hard fork Hive.

Best known for its Steemit blogging platform, the Steem blockchain has been live since mid- 2016 and has accumulated a strong ecosystem of dapps, especially in the social category

In addition, its most popular dapp is the game Splinterlands (previously Steem Monsters), which is currently DappRadar’s most popular dapp across all 13 blockchains.

Attracting 4,774 active unique wallets in the past 24 hours and 6,354 unique wallets in the past week. 

Hive makes an entrance

As for Hive, it’s a relative newcomer, which was created in reaction to the TRON Foundation’s hostile takeover of Steem via its purchase of Steemit, launching on 20 March 2020

Nevertheless, Hive already hosts 18 dapps, including three with over 2,000 weekly active unique wallets. As with Steem, the majority of these are social dapps, which can be broadly viewed as Steemit replacements. 

Splinterlands has instantly taken the number 1 dapp position

A house divided

In the coming weeks, DappRadar will be keeping a close eye on how these two divided communities develop. Notably looking at the opportunities for new dapps to launch, and the possibilities of existing dapps to either run across both blockchains or transition from Steem to Hive. For example, video dapp Dtube is already running on Steem and Hive.

It will be a fascinating opportunity to see how these two now divided communities build out their very different visions of the future and with DappRadar’s data and commentary, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s happening 24/7.

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