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Wouldn’t it have been nice to predict a price surge in metaverse-associated tokens after Facebook rebranding to Meta in late 2021? It wasn’t the most obvious, but there was a high chance it would happen. The point is that when you are connected and dialed into an industry 24/7, these things become easier to spot. 

These articles aim to share this knowledge and information with others who can dig deeper and make their own decisions. 

At DappRadar, we track more than 11,500 dapp projects across more than 40 blockchains, and these weekly trending articles dive into the latest and most exciting projects and ecosystems. Sometimes projects are short-lived, sometimes they surprise everyone, and other times it’s just right there slapping you in the face. Of course, even our eagle-eyed team misses things, so think of this as a point in the right direction and not a definitive guide. 

Projects are chosen based on their merits, future potential, and on-chain metrics. This is not a paid promo piece or an attempt to promote a specific project or blockchain. 

The Flow Blockchain 

The Flow blockchain team at Dapper Labs has tested and evaluated different approaches to solving the critical scalability problem since launching CryptoKitties in 2017. Unfortunately, they realized that none of the existing solutions fit the applications they wanted to build. 

After two years of research and experimentation, Flow was born in early 2020. A blockchain praised for meeting the mainstream developer and consumer expectations without sharding the network or compromising decentralization. Since its launch and arrival of NBA Top Shot, the Flow ecosystem has been steadily building value and users, and we think it’s time to shine a light on the blockchain for several reasons. 

Permissionless smart contracts live on Flow 

Firstly, as of the 5th of July, 2022, permissionless smart contract deployment went live on Flow. This is a significant milestone because anyone can deploy a contract to the mainnet without review. 

In human language, we should start seeing far more dapps launching on Flow soon. We’ve seen expansion on Flow already in 2022 as projects like Solitaire Blitz, The Football Club, and RCRDSHP emerged. 

Arguably, a blockchain can only be as successful as the projects willing to operate there, and Flow already has some strong brands, such as NBA TopShot, in place. Moreover, dapp games and other projects on Flow tend to ooze quality gameplay and UX as opposed to free tokens, helping them build and retain audiences.


Finally, the world has quickly embraced decentralization thanks to blockchain technology. As a result, many crypto projects have demonstrated their commitment to a future where DeFi is the primary financial mechanism. Through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) infrastructure called CAST, the Flow blockchain has also pledged its future to DeFi and decentralization.

Interestingly, one of the main functions of the CastDAO is to act as a community governance tool that could pave the way for more projects to enter the Flow ecosystem. More dapps launching on Flow could substantially boost the FLOW cryptocurrency’s demand and its use cases. 

Joyride Games Launches On Flow Blockchain

In mid-July 2022, Joyride Games, a Web3 game publishing platform focused on developing, launching, and operating blockchain-powered games, launched its casual games platform on the Flow blockchain. For more than a decade, Joyride’s platform has been powering hundreds of millions of gamers and the highest-grossing games on mobile. 

The aforementioned Solitaire Blitz is a Joyride game and has quickly climbed the ranks on DappRadar. Moreover, the impact of high-quality games arriving on Flow can be seen almost immediately. Furthermore, eight more hyper-casual games are forthcoming to Flow, such as 8-Ball Pool and Galaxy Stars. 

Go with the Flow 

These reasons, while not conclusive, point towards a more exciting dapp ecosystem on Flow. Interestingly, Flow cultivates a unique ecosystem where you are unlikely to find 100 different forks of Uniswap available to swap tokens. Let’s not forget that when NBA Top Shot launched at the start of 2020, it captured the imaginations of the entire industry and arguably put NFT collectibles firmly on the map for millions of people.

Not to mention how well executed it was, aside from some early teething issues faced. The Flow blockchain has just started its journey, so it will be fascinating to see how things unfold throughout the rest of 2022. 

You can explore Flow dapps and NFT collections on DappRadar.

Flow Blockchain
Flow Dapps

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