Dapp Review of the Week: Audius


A revolutionary music and audio network built on the Flow blockchain.

To-date, the majority of dapps launched have been in the DeFi, gaming or gambling categories, but change is coming. 

One dapp leading the charge is Audius, which is a music and audio network built on the new Flow blockchain. 

Labeling itself the ‘world’s first decentralized music streaming platform, Audius is designed to enable creators and musicians to have more flexibility, control, and freedom in terms of the audio they release and the communities they create around it.

One part of this is the just announced (and released) $AUDIO token, which eventually will enable creators to monetize their work in new ways as well as token holders to secure the blockchain, receiving a share of the network fees in the process. 

Token holders (and node operators) also participate in governance and get exclusive feature unlocks. 

More generally, however, anyone – creator or fan – can now simply set up an Audius account, either via browser or mobile, or PC download, and then get involved, whether that’s uploading audio or just checking out what’s hot, listening, liking and reposting. 

You can even check out some examples of DappRadar’s Dapp Happy podcast, which we uploaded to Audius. 

Of course, the product is currently in the early stage of development so there will be plenty more features to be added over the coming weeks and months.

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