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Having successfully transitioned from the Steem to the Hive blockchain, card collection dapp Splinterlands is riding high as the most popular dapp tracked by DappRadar. 


Over the past 24 hours (at time of writing) 4,792 unique wallets have interacted with the game, beating out Crypto Dynasty, the EOS-based RPG, which racked up 4,397 unique wallets. 

It’s a testament to the strong community for the game, which originally launched as Steem Monsters back in 2016.

One of the best examples of how to integrate blockchain features with gaming, Splinterlands is a PVP experience in which two players select from the card collection to build a deck, with the actual battle being auto-played in a deterministic manner by the game.

That makes gameplay simple and fast, with the winner of each bout gaining ranking points and a small amount of Dark Energy Crystals, which is the game’s internal cryptocurrency. 

Onboarding is very simple, either through Hive or via the WAX All Access account, and users can buy card packs and other items using PayPal or by linking their Ethereum or Tron crypto wallets. 

Of course, once purchased, cards can be sold on the game’s marketplace, rented out to other players, or burned to extract their DEC. DEC can also be traded on third-party token exchanges such as Hive Engine.

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