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Learn more about the Ethereum-based fantasy football game

The football season may be over in most major European countries for a short summer break but soccer is a global sport and so the goals never stop.

That’s good news for Sorare, the Ethereum-based fantasy football game that sees gamers selecting their best team to win prizes based on their players real-world’ performances.

The French development team behind the game recently raised $4 million in funding to further build their product, adding more official licences for clubs and players. Sorare currently features leagues ranging from the MLS in the US to Korea’s K League, and individual clubs such as Juventus, Lazio, Roma, Marseille, Atletico Madrid and West Ham.

Every gamer starts off this free-to-play browser game with a budget of 400 million, with which to buy their initial set of 10 player cards so they can enter competitions and understand how the game works. Getting more valuable players will require you to spend either the ETH cryptocurrency or Euros via your credit card to buy the more rare, more powerful players needed to access and win higher level tournaments.

Watch the full video review with Jon Jordan

However, once you have bought a player, you will truly own them – secured by the Ethereum blockchain – which means you can also try to sell them on the game’s marketplace if you don’t need them anymore.

Indeed, to-date more than $1.3 million of crypto-based trading activity has happened in Sorare’s marketplace since DappRadar started tracking it in May 2020.

Looks like this game is just getting started.

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