Dapp of the week: Chain Clash

Chain Clash

Chain Clash is an action-packed collectibles & fighting game.

Over the past six months, EOS has become the go-to blockchain for gaming, and one dapp that’s part of this trend is Chain Clash

Subtitled The Battle of the Crypto Clans, it’s a PVP auto-fighting game in which you select your crypto clan – Bitcoin, TRON, EOS, Ethereum, etc – choose your moves, train your characters, and then fight to gain XP and level up. 

But as well as leveling up your characters and climbing the player leaderboard, you’re always fighting for your crypto clan to be top of the team leaderboard too. 

Currently, the Bad Crypto Podcast clan is smashing it!

The playable version of Chain Clash available now is a beta, which is more focused on functionality than graphics, but this simple free-to-play game is a great way to get into EOS gaming

Even if you don’t already have an EOS wallet, there are various onboarding options available, with the Wombat mobile wallet the recommended route. Although a browser-based game that can be played on desktop or mobile, Chain Clash is designed to be played on mobile

In that regard, it’s not a deep experience, rather one that you can dip into during the day, performing some training or starting a clash, ensuring you complete your daily events to get a small share of the EOS prize pool that’s available. 

Chain Clash

And if you do want to get deeper, then you can spend some EOS to buy in-game items to speed your progress, or even higher level and rare characters in the in-game marketplace if you want to splash out. 

Options include crypto celebrities such as Brock Pierce, Joel and Travis from the Bad Crypto Podcast, and John McAfee.

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