CyberBrokers V3, NOUNS & OpenSea.eth – NFT Sales Highlights

cyberbrokers v3, NOUNS & opensea.eth - nft sales highlights

Check out the NFT Sales Highlights ranking between July 31st and August 7th

This week’s NFT sales highlights feature a CyberBroker V3 and several NFTs from the Nouns collection while somebody scooped up the Opensea.eth ENS Domain name. Following the weekly trend, CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs continue to attract the highest trading volume.  

The highest value NFT sale in the last seven days was for CryptoPunk #7622, which changed hands for 260 ETH, or around $451,000. In the second place, selling for 195 ETH, or about $337,000, we have Bored Ape Yacht Club #6567, which features an ape dressed in a leopard print robe wearing a gold crown. Further diving into the wallet of the owner of BAYC#6567 reveals an NFT collection worth an estimated $1.54 million with several blue chip NFTs. 

Behind these high-value sales, we see a raft of punks and BAYC NFT collectibles changing hands. More interestingly, the floor price of CryptoPunk NFTs is up more than 41%, while BAYC is up more than 29% in the last seven days, with the average price of both increasing by 7% and 15%, respectively.

BAYC and CryptoPunks in the top two spots


Apart from the more established BAYC and CryptoPunk collection sales, various NFT sales highlights are worth a deeper look. The most interesting is perhaps the sale of the ENS domain name opensea.eth for 99.89 ETH, or around $173,000. NFT advocate and influencer OKHotShot threw a tweet claiming that OpenSea had purchased this ENS domain. 

Looking inside the wallet that bought the ENS domain name, we see a crypto portfolio worth more than $1.3 million and several NFTs, including opensea.eth and seavault.eth which would point towards this being the official holding wallet of OpenSea. However, this is still unconfirmed at writing. 

In other OpenSea news, an attorney for NFTs and DAOs, Jesse Halfon, has filed a lawsuit against NFT marketplace OpenSea over its stolen NFT policy. The case focuses on how OpenSea deals with NFTs reported as stolen. The policy states that OpenSea does not allow the sale of stolen NFTs on the platform. However, due to this policy, users find that their NFTs are locked and are now unable to sell them. 

More interesting is that Jesse Halfon filed the lawsuit via small claims court, with many users having now asked to join the case, making it a class action lawsuit. DappRadar will monitor the situation and report on it as it unfolds.

Check out the complete list of NFT Sales Highlights below:

NFT marketplace evolution

Despite the NFT market failing to hit $1 billion in trades for the first time since June 2021, the question of a bubble burst is not so easy to answer. The market is facing a historically bearish period. Liquidity is down, the decline heavily influences prices in the value of cryptocurrencies, and the potential profit from reselling is not very high. 

As a result, many users have decided to liquidate their investments in the NFT market, waiting for better times or moving to positions commonly known as “holding,” until the “crypto winter” has passed. The trading volumes measured in USD show that the market is contracting, with a decrease of 25% MoM. Also, the number of traders has decreased by 8% MoM but still increased by 40% from July 2021.

Perhaps more interesting is the changing NFT marketplace landscape as new entrants expand their offers and new platforms arise. We are witnessing the emergence of two new marketplaces: the Gamestop NFT Marketplace, which debuted on July 11, 2022, and Nickelodeon’s NFT marketplace, launched on July 19, 2022.

In its first two days of operation, the GameStop NFT marketplace surpassed the Coinbase NFT marketplace. Since the launch, the total trading volume of the top 50 collections is approximately $12 million. The CYBER CREW [C4] collection is the leader in sales volume, with 3,000 ETH. Also, the launch of Nickelodeon’s NFT marketplace has been a great success; it witnessed over $2 million in total volume in less than three weeks.

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