CyberBrokers From Mint to $500,000 Profit in 20 Days

CyberBrokers From Mint to $500,000 Profit in 20 Days
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CyberBroker attracts attention, celebrities like Seth Green join the community

CyberBrokers by Josie Bellini is one of the most hyped NFT collections in March, and some collectors have managed to profit from that. Justin Case, an OpenSea user since 2018, has bagged a little under 150 ETH in profits after selling CyberBroker Gnash to j1mmy.eth.

The sale happened 20 days after the official mint, during which the NFTs were priced at 0.35 ETH. Justin Case minted the NFT and transferred it to a hot wallet he named the GnashNest. Now CyberBroker Gnash’s new owner is j1mmy.eth, a prolific NFT collector and entrepreneur, who owns four more CyberBrokers NFTs, several Josie Bellini art pieces, and a ton of other high-value collectibles. 

Gnash is one of the top-grossing CyberBrokers sales to date. Aside from the almost unthinkable profit Justin Case bagged, it seems j1mmy.eth has great predictions for this project. He also spent 100 ETH on another NFT in the collection.

At the time of writing the floor price for a CyberBrokers NFT is 2.4 ETH, or about $8,400. To put this in perspective, according to the new owner Gnash is about 60 times more expensive than a floor price NFT.

Aside from Gnash, Justin Case minted one more CyberBrokers NFT. For the moment it remains in his possession. Additionally, he owns six Multi of Unity NFTs and a MegaCryptoPolis land NFT. Still, none of these are close in value, or even combined value, to the $500,000 profit realized on Gnash. 

CyberBrokers is red hot

In the past several weeks, CyberBrokers has become a central topic of conversation and activity in the NFT space. Artist Josie Bellini’s latest project caught the eye of numerous investors. According to DappRadar data, in the past 24 hours alone, the number of CyberBrokers sales has increased more than 222%. 

Of course, the $500,000 Gnash sale pushed the trading volume up to $1.67 million, a 287% increase compared to the day before. Aside from the impressive Gnash sale, celebrity activity for the collection is also ramping up.

Seth Green stands out among the more popular CyberBrokers fans. The actor owns four CyberBrokers NFTs, purchased at around floor price a couple of weeks ago. The total purchase value of the four stands at about 10 ETH, or close to $33,000. 

Green seems to be an active member of the CyberBrokers community as well, showing off one of his NFTs on Twitter recently. Aside from CyberBrokers, the actor has invested heavily into Yuga Labs collections with one BAYC and two MAYC NFTs. He also owns 3 World of Women NFTs and two Doodles collectibles

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Josie Bellini hit collection as it reaches new heights and attracts more prominent NFT enthusiasts. If you want to learn more about CyberBrokers, check out their official dapp page. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest NFT news first. 

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