Cryptovoxels Became Voxels, What’s Now on the Roadmap

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A virtual world leading in interoperability but trailing the competition

Four years after opening its doors for beta key owners, Cryptovoxels has renamed its virtual world to simply Voxels. The name change distances the virtual world from the crypto scene and introduces new momentum to bring Voxels to the masses. 

Cryptovoxels has always been a platform that aims to be accessible and interoperable with the broader blockchain ecosystem. Visitors can access the virtual world simply by clicking a link on social media and opening the metaverse world in their browser. The name change to Voxels automatically makes the world more approachable. However, the real challenge isn’t in marketing alone but in making the world and its tools accessible to all. 

We can look at Voxels as a reincarnation of the metaverse world we all love, but one that will change a lot in the months and years to come. For starters, founder Ben Nolan has announced that Voxels will have a maximum of 70,000 land parcels. After that primary sales will come to a halt. Currently, there are 7,355 land parcels live on the Ethereum blockchain, suggesting that Voxels still has lots of space to grow. The team expects to have 15% of the world live by the end of 2022. 

What else is coming to Voxels?

  • Voxels will introduce hosted conversation rooms, enabling users to create voice group conversations, presentations, etc. 
  • Landowners can create gated access, only allowing users with a certain NFT to enter a land plot. 
  • Landowners will get the possibility to rent out their land.
  • Voxels will introduce a meta game, introducing Achievements to encourage exploration. 
  • Players will have more and better options to customize their avatars with NFT wearables, an in-world character designer option, and NFT emotes.
  • Users will soon be able to import their VRM avatars, potentially enabling visitors to use their CloneX, Crypto Avatars, and other NFTs as their player characters.

How to buy land in Voxels?

Every week Voxels sells land plots to the market. The team plays around with different types of auction mechanics, even though the Dutch auction is used the most. This means land prices start at a certain price level and drop over time until someone buys the plot. Parcels don’t sell for less than 0.7 ETH, but the starting price could be 4 ETH to 1 ETH. 

On the secondary market, users can find plenty of lands. The cheapest land parcels go for just below 1 ETH, while the most expensive parcels sell for thousands of dollars. These factors increase the price of a land parcel:

  • Land in Origin City, the main island, is generally more expensive. Especially land close to the center of OC.
  • Frankfurt is the district with the highest buildings. Plots with lots of height tend to sell for a premium. 
  • Bigger land plots cost more. The general height is 8 meters, anything higher boosts the price. 
  • Land plots on the seaside get a small premium.
  • Lands in neighborhoods or areas with lots of activity tend to be more costly. 

What is Voxels?

Voxels is a metaverse world on the Ethereum blockchain. All land plots exist on the Ethereum blockchain, while avatar clothing items exist as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. Voxels don’t offer many gamified elements at the time of writing and is mainly a social hub. Landowners tend to build artistic creations, NFT art galleries, or event venues. 

These are some of the hot spots in Voxels

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