Cyber Kongz NFTs Push Volume Up 480%

136% more unique wallets in seven days

Cyber Kongz, a collection of avatar-style gorilla NFTs, is taking over DappRadar rankings. In the past seven days, the collection expanded its audience by more than 138%. Most importantly, the volume passing through the collection’s smart contracts spiked by more than 500%.

 The gorilla-themed NFTs have realized sales bordering $1 million. With just 170 unique active wallets, volume for the collection reached $972.290 in the past seven days. Interestingly, the collection is not as new as Cool Cats, for example. However, there’s been a definite spike in activity for Cyber Kongz in the past week. 

While major collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and NBA Top Shot struggle to keep up with competitors, Cyber Kongz is steadily headed for the top ten of DappRadar NFT Collections. 

Cyber Kongz, CryptoPunks and avatar NFTs

CryptoPunks started it all when they introduced a collection of pixelized stylizations of people and other creatures. Each Punk features a combination of several traits. Depending on the characteristics rarity and the overall aesthetic of the NFT, CryptoPunks get different prices. 

Initially, the collection saw a substantial amount of attention, but nothing too spectacular. As more people started learning about it, interest grew, and so did the price for a CryptoPunk NFT. Of course, rarity determines everything. Today, some Punks are worth over $10 million, and many suspect the price will continue to rise. 

Following the astronomical success of CryptoPunks, numerous other avatar-style NFT collections made it to the charts. One of the most prominent examples is Bored Ape Yach Club. A collection of Apes with different characteristics and backgrounds, BAYC is currently one of the hottest NFT collections, frequently making it to the top five and top ten of DappRadar Top NFT Collections charts. 

Considering the increasing interest in avatar-style collections, it is no surprise that Cyber Kongz is rapidly advancing in positions and attracting new audiences. DappRadar will continue monitoring the collection’s progress and its performance compared to other prominent names like CryptoPunks and BAYC. 

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