Copycat Baby NFT Collections Steal the Spotlight

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Hristina Yordanova

From Lil Cool Cats to Lil Mutant Apes, baby-themed collections are on the rise

A wave of baby NFT collections has taken the DappRadar Rankings by storm. Reimagining big names in the NFT space like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cool Cats, these baby-themed copycat versions attracted a lot of attention in the past week. 

Blue-chip collections like BAYC and Cool Cats have captivated NFT enthusiasts for months now. However, the entry barrier for these gold standard collections is unreachable for many in the crypto space. Consequently, copycat collections and spin-offs are enjoying increased activity. Time will tell if these copycats are quality copies or cheap knock-offs aimed to rip-off newcomers. 

Lil Baby Ape Club

Lil Baby Ape Club is the toddler version of BAYC which has attracted close to 7000 collectors in the past seven days. This is quite the activity for a collection of only 5000 unique NFTs. With a trading volume of $17.9 million, LBAC has secured a spot in the top ten of DappRadar NFT Collections rankings for the week. 

baby NFT collections

Lil Baby Ape Club has already attracted a large community with more than 19.000 Discord members and over 12.000 followers on Twitter. With a design that closely resembles the original BAYC NFTs, many perceive the Lil Baby Ape Club as a chance to get one step closer to the coveted BAYC club.

Lil Baby Cool Cats

Lil Baby Cool Cats takes the baby-themed hype in a different direction, simply emulating the Cool Cats collection. Cool Cats are among the most sought after NFTs in the space with a floor price of 8.5 ETH, attracting tons of activity each month. Looking to piggyback on this influential status, LBCC reimagines the Cool Cats collection with a baby NFT spin-off. 

baby NFT collections

DappRadar data shows that this might be a successful approach to attracting the NFT community. In the past 7 days, Lil Baby Cool Cats attracted more than 2200 traders, generating upwards of $1.2 million in trading volume. With an average price of $169, LBCC is hundreds of times cheaper than the original Cool Cats collection, while sporting a very similar design.

Lil Mutant Apes Club

Lil Mutant Ape club is the last in this baby NFT collections list, and also the newest to join DappRadar rankings. In the past seven days, the LMAC collection has secured more than 3052 sales from 1455 traders. While the trading volume has not yet reached $1 million, at the time of writing it is steadily approaching the landmark figure with $833.480 grossed to date. 

baby NFT collections

Lil Mutant Apes Club is still an infant collection, however, the average price for a LMAC NFT is the second highest in this list at $273. Beating its baby Cool Cats competitor in this regard, LMAC is on the road to conquering new heights. According to the official LMAC Twitter account, the team behind the collection is looking to launch a DAO, and has already purchased an original MAYC NFT for the community treasury.

Collectors favor baby NFT collections

The hype for copycat collections has never been bigger. As the prices of blue-chip projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cool Cats continue to soar, many collectors find themselves stuck. With such high entry points, users are now looking for ways to get closer to these communities, but on the cheap. 

Why the baby theme? Could be a metaphorical reference to the fact that these are not the real BAYCs and Cool Cats. Alternatively, it could be a pure marketing move aiming to play on collectors’ feelings with cute little designs. 

Regardless of the reason, it seems that a new formula for success has entered the space. Soon we might see spin-off versions of other collections like Baby Punks, or Infant Kongz. DappRadar will continue to monitor the NFT space as teams become more inventive in trying to capture the audience’s attention. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Discord for the latest news surrounding NFTs.

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