3 Cool Soccer Games to Play During the FIFA World Cup

3 Cool Soccer Games to Play During the FIFA World Cup
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It’s time to own your game and have some fun

Another festive season has finally arrived for soccer lovers around the world. The FIFA World Cup starts this Sunday, and to get everyone in a party mood, we’ve selected 3 great soccer games that we’ve been following closely. Keep reading to discover awesome games that let you play and earn.


Top new soccer gamers to start playing now

There is no better time to raise awareness of soccer gaming projects than the World Cup. Some games are bringing next-generation technology to the world of soccer, and you won’t want to stay out of it.

Here are some of the best soccer management game projects to enjoy right now.

1. Ultimate Champions

Ultimate Champions is an entirely free-to-play fantasy soccer game built on Polygon that has seen its volume increase by 3,054.49% over the past week. It also reached the 11th position of top games in the DappRadar ranking.

Ultimate Champions Soccer Game on Polygon
Via DappRadar

In this next-generation game, you collect, manage and trade your favorite players during the World Cup. And the best is that all of it is secured by blockchain technology while you own each player as an NFT.

You can use your soccer experience to your advantage in and out of the game by having true ownership over the in-game assets. With Ultimate Champions, you can actually trade NFTs and the game token CHAMP for real-world money.

Furthermore, the game has partnered with big brands to engage their community during the World Cup and, as our data points out, that seems to have worked out really well.

Ultimate Champions has partnered with Superbru, a fantasy sports game played by 2.1m users, and created the Ultimate Champions World Cup Prediction Megapool. UC users will compete against new UC users in predicting the outcome of every FIFA World Cup match, with a 34,000 CHAMP Prize Pool and an Odegaard Unique Card for the Overall Winner.

Also, there’s a Prize Pool of 50,000 CHAMP tokens available across all World Cup Activations. Definitely, an interesting time to get started with this promising game on the Polygon blockchain.

2. The Football Club

Another interesting game to watch is The Football Club, also known as TFC. It’s a free-to-play soccer fantasy game available only on mobile that has been slowly taking a strong position among the best of the field.

The Football Club Fantasy Soccer Game on Flow
Via DappRadar

The Football Club works as any fantasy soccer game, meaning you line up your team every week, scoring points according to their real-life performance in matches. Every week, there’re new challenges to join and prizes, coins, and XP to win. While you level up, you get access to new arrivals to the shop, which you can trade in the marketplace for real-world money.

However, things get even more exciting during this year’s FIFA World Cup. For the World Cup, you can also join World Club Challenges and bet on what you think each real-life match will be like.

To start playing, you simply need to download the app on your iOS or Android mobile device, create an account, and join a challenge.

Of course, you can also purchase in-game items to improve your Avatar, but the best part is that anything you buy in the game belongs to you and can be found in your Flow digital wallet.

According to DappRadar data, over the past week, the number of unique active wallets connected to the game increased by 67.81%.

The Football Club is still in the initial stages of development, but it plans on bringing the best soccer experience into the metaverse – and that’s something we’ll keep a close watch on.

3. MetaSoccer

Another game to start playing in this world cup is MetaSoccer. Newcomer, it’s a soccer metaverse where you can create your own club and even generate real-world income from your in-game performance.

MetaSoccer Metaverse Game on Polygon
Via DappRadar

Right now, you can get started with this Polygon-built game by lining up your team and club and joining friendly matches against artificial intelligence.

Like the other games on our list, MetaSoccer also allows you to own your in-game items as NFTs. In this case, that includes all game items. Moreover, the MetaSoccer ecosystem also has two tokens, a governance token called MSU and the utility token MSC.

It’s a promising game still in its early stages that require you to have a Polygon wallet and some MATIC coins to get started. Creating a team also costs money. MetaSoccer NFT player’s costs range from $1 to $10,000, and according to their website, the more you win, the more you earn.

Nevertheless, this is also one of the best games for those who love soccer and want to know more about play-and-earn games.

Next-generation gaming is coming to soccer

Ronaldinho, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Piqué are some of the big names that have already dipped their toes into Web3 games and digital collectibles projects recently.

Like much of the tech industry, they see that the future of gaming – and soccer – gives players much more power over their play. After all, a team is nothing without a strong community.

By owning your in-game items and actually earning from your game performance, playing reaches a whole new level.

Track the best Web3 games with DappRadar

Now you know some of the main next-generation soccer games out there. We hope you have fun and enjoy good games during this World Cup.

DappRadar can help you discover top play-to-earn games based on accurate data, market analysis, and simple guides.

Join our community on Twitter to be the first to hear about what’s new in the Web3 industry and how you can stay ahead of the game.

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