Cool Cats NFTs: A Deep Dive Into the Web3 Feline Community

Cool Cats NFT Complete Guide
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Charting the meteoric rise of the charismatic Cool Cats in the evolving NFT landscape

From their splashy entrance into the NFT universe, Cool Cats have clawed their way to the top echelons of PFP NFTs. As we dive into the world of these innovative felines, discover their journey, from creation to the present day, and how they’ve influenced the Web3 community. Ready to explore? Let’s pounce!


Introducing Cool Cats

Cool Cats, once merely a collection of 9,999 distinctive tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, has evolved into a brand synonymous with the expansive Cooltopia ecosystem. Since its inception in July 2021, Cool Cats has not only been recognized as a foundational player in the NFT domain but has also expanded its horizons by launching a myriad of projects under its banner.

Cool Cats NFTs
Cool Cats PFP NFTs

From reaching unparalleled heights to confronting challenges regarding its legitimacy, the journey of Cool Cats has been nothing short of a roller coaster.

Nevertheless, as of this writing, the brand is experiencing a resurgence of trust and admiration, especially among the dedicated NFT aficionados, reaffirming its status as an enduring favorite in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The successful launch

Launched in July 2021, the Cool Cats NFT collection took the digital art space by storm, releasing the 9,999 NFTs of the original Cool Cats collection at an initial mint price of 0.02 ETH each (around $44).

Within mere days of its launch, Cool Cats experienced an impressive surge in interest. As reported by DappRadar in the same month of the project’s inception, the collection witnessed a staggering 93% increase in volume, amassing over $6 million and propelling Cool Cats to the fifth position in the overall DappRadar rankings. 

The collection also received high-profile endorsements, with personalities like Mike Tyson updating his Twitter profile picture to one of the Cool Cats NFTs, showcasing his support.

Mike Tyson used his Cool Cat NFT as PFP on Twitter
Mike Tyson was one of the first celebrities to use a Cool Cat as a profile picture on Twitter

It surpassed industry top performers at the time NBA Top Shot and Sorare, becoming a prominent PFP collection in Web3 alongside for example Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

Cool Cats team

Pioneered by four pseudonymous individuals passionate about art and cryptocurrency, Cool Cats owes its success to their collaborative genius. Clon, the principal illustrator, provided the visual magic, while Tom, Lynq, and ELU took charge of the tech, web, and creative marketing facets, respectively.

Clon’s recent elevation to a leadership role – date from August 2023, signifies his paramount contribution to shaping the brand’s future.

What’s behind Cool Cats’ success today?

Community engagement

The Cool Cats community thrives on consistent engagement. Monthly town halls, art contests, and virally successful social media content, especially involving the iconic Blue Cat, have kept the community active and vibrant. This direct interaction between creators and holders has fortified trust and furthered brand loyalty.

Strong partnerships

Breaking barriers, Cool Cats is set to grace the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, making them the first web3 native brand to achieve this feat. This development encapsulates their expansive reach and their aptitude to form robust alliances.

Cool Cats Macys Thanksgiving Parade
The first NFT project to participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Other examples of Cool Cats partners include Reddit, nWay, Animoca Brands, and The Sandbox.

Developing utility

The value proposition for Cool Cats NFT holders has been on an upward trajectory. Collaborations, new collection releases, and strategic partnerships have ensured that holding a Cool Cat remains beneficial, entertaining, and rewarding. We’ll dive deeper into this subject later on in this article.

How do you value a Cool Cat NFT?

To ascertain the current value of a Cool Cat, turn to DappRadar. Our comprehensive tools provide insights into floor prices and other essential on-chain statistics, enabling both novices and aficionados to make informed decisions.

Cooltopia collections and tokens

Cooltopia is the overarching universe in which multiple NFT collections and projects coexist. It is the realm of the Cool Cats ecosystem, bringing together a plethora of components that interact harmoniously. Let’s dive deep into the intricacies of these collections.

Cooltopia collections and tokens
The Cooltopia ecosystem

Cool Cats

Cool Cats serves as the primary foundation of Cooltopia. The original 9,999-NFT collection paved the way for the growth of a diverse and interconnected ecosystem.

Owning a Cool Cat NFT provides evolving access to various perks, including games, tokens, community events, collaborations, and more. By continually expanding the team with game developers, artists, and designers, Cooltopia aims to deliver a gamified NFT experience accessible to all.

At the time of writing, the Cool Cats NFT collection had a floor price of 0.462 ETH (around $730) and the total sales volume surpassed $227 million.

Cooltopia game and the MILK token

The MILK token was an ERC20 token that brought enhanced utility to Cool Cats and Cool Pets within Cooltopia. While the introduction of the MILK token and Cooltopia game was initially celebrated in 2022, it took a backseat in 2023, with a focus shift towards aligning with the broader vision of Cool Cats.

Nevertheless, promising games developed by renowned studios like iCandy and nWay are on the horizon.

Cool Pets and SideKX

Cool Pets was a monumental addition to Cooltopia. Launched in January 2022, this collection consisted of programmatically generated NFTs, which users could interact with and nurture to unique evolutionary stages.

However, in 2023, the Cooltopia game and the MILK token underwent sunsetting. This shift led to the announcement of the SideKX collection as a substitute for Cool Pets. SideKX represents the evolution of companions within the Cool Cats narrative. This collection is not merely an array of collectibles but a set of dynamic companions that enrich the Cooltopia universe.

Cool Pets and SideKX
SideKX NFTs add a new layer to the Cool Cats story

The SideKX collection is categorized into three primary Types: Milo, Bones, and Sage. Each Type features a variety of forms and variants.

For those who transition from Cool Pets to SideKX, their previous pets are transformed into a memorial soul-bound token (SBT), symbolizing the memories and IP rights of the old pets. This non-tradable token serves as a memento of the bond shared with the retired Cool Pets.

The SideKX collection signifies a strategic shift in Cooltopia’s vision, focusing on enriching narratives and enhancing user identity. These virtual companions are not mere digital assets but integral parts of the unfolding Cooltopia story.

Shadow Wolves

In April 2023, the Cool Cats universe expanded with the introduction of the Shadow Wolves collection. From 20 April to 19 May of that year, enthusiasts had the opportunity to mint these unique NFTs. It was essential for holders to burn their Fracture(s) within this window to acquire a Shadow Wolf. Those who failed to do so found their Fracture NFTs rendered void of utility and value.

Shadow Wolves NFT Collection
Shadow Wolves entered the Cool Cats family in April 2023

To obtain a Shadow Wolf, individuals needed a Cool Cats Fracture and sufficient Ethereum to cover the gas fees. This collection diversified the gameplay dynamics of the Cool Cats universe, promoting healthy competition among its members.

Recognized as ‘Super Cool’ members of the ecosystem, Shadow Wolves enjoyed exclusive privileges. This included access to special journeys and unique items, only available to Shadow Wolf holders, adding another layer of intrigue and engagement to the Cooltopian world.

At the time of writing, the collection of 6,249 Shadow Wolves NFTs floor price stood at 0.0308 ETH ($48), and the total trading volume reached 163 ETH ($257,600). 

Cool Cats Avatars

The latest project announced in Cooltopia and currently in beta version, Cool Cats Avatars System, is set to launch on 19 October 2023.

Cool Cats Avatars are customizable soulbound tokens from the original Cool Cats and Shadow Wolves collections. Within this new system, holders will be able to change their Avatars’ outfits as they like, and wearables will be sold in special packs.

Cool Cats Avatars Wearables NFTs

In order to preserve the legacy of the original Cool Cats NFTs, the new Avatars have some visual contrasts, such as being forward-facing figures and having full-body and profile picture modes and different backgrounds. As stated in Cool Cats’ official announcement:

“Sculpt and redefine your online presence for Twitter, the metaverse, future games, and other digital domains. The Avatar System empowers you to shape your digital identity your way.”

Cool Cats NFTs utility

Owning an NFT within the Cool Cats universe offers a range of unique benefits and interactive experiences, enhancing the value proposition for collectors and participants alike.

Cool Cats ecosystem NFT utility
Cooltopia NFTs utility via Cool Cats

Outside the native ecosystem, the Cool Cats universe expands its reach into the broader metaverse and gaming domains. Holders can find their Cool Cats integrated into popular virtual realms like The Sandbox, as well as games like Habbo ensuring that the utility and joy of owning a Cool Cat or Shadow Wolf NFT extends beyond its original boundaries.

How to buy a Cool Cat

To purchase a Cool Cats NFT, you’ll first need to have a digital wallet that supports Ethereum. Popular choices include MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or Coinbase Wallet.

Once you’ve set up and funded your wallet with Ethereum (ETH), navigate to a reputable NFT marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible. Always exercise caution and conduct thorough research to avoid potential scams or counterfeit listings.

What’s next for Cool Cats?

The Cool Cats universe continues to expand and captivate both Web3 and non-Web3 audiences alike. As announced in their latest update, here’s a glimpse into what the future holds:

  • Thanksgiving parade: Cool Cats will make a grand appearance in Macy’s upcoming Thanksgiving parade. It promises to be a delightful spectacle as these digital felines get a moment in the spotlight amidst the traditional fanfare.
  • Physical to digital experiences: Starting with the Macy’s merchandise to unlock limited-edition wearables for the Avatars, Cool Cats has announced it will further explore physical-to-digital activations.
Physical to digital Cool Cats merchandise
  • SideKX, Avatars and storytelling: The narrative of the Cool Cats world is set to deepen with the introduction of the SideKX collection. This new series will not only add to the diverse range of characters but will also bring forth captivating stories that intertwine with the existing Cool Cats lore.
  • Journeys and gaming partnerships: With the objective of creating immersive gaming experiences, Cool Cats has forged partnerships with renowned gaming studios, including nWay, iCandy, and Sync Studios. These collaborations aim to develop mobile games called Journeys that integrate the Cool Cats NFTs and universe, offering holders novel ways to engage with their digital assets.

In essence, the horizon looks promising for Cool Cats, with endeavors that bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms while also making significant inroads into the hearts of both crypto enthusiasts and the general public.

Continue exploring the NFT space

Cool Cats truly lives up to its name, setting the bar high in the world of NFTs with its unique charm and utility. For those intrigued by the vibrant NFT space, delve deeper into more collections, on-chain data, and insightful stats by visiting the DappRadar Top NFT Collections Ranking. Dive in and discover the coolest of them all!

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